I support and help entrepreneurs and business owners stay in the driving seat of their businesses. In control and focused on success because I understand it's easy to get distracted from the bigger picture by the day to day running of a business!


✔️ The phone is ringing, the orders are coming in and you are working dawn till dusk.

✔️ Perhaps you are worried about cash flow and WANT breathing space to plan your next business step.

✔️ Or maybe you are working furiously just to keep your head above water.

✔️ Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and starting to run out of steam.

✔️ YOU want the control back... clarity on business direction and action needed!

If you can realate to any of the above statements, it's time to put yourself back in control?

I know from experience that accountability is vital, it’s why my coaching centers around it. Providing you guidance and support to achieve your goals from the position of having been there. I share my knowledge, help to unpick the challenges and support you in taking the action needed for success. You can’t do it all alone and you don’t have to.



Six week courses subject related, shorts burst of support and accountability with a marketing focus, while the Make It Happen One to One Coaching is for those looking for greater change in the business.


Developed to get you over the fear of marketing through interactive three hour sessions. All masterclasses can be provided onsite (or virtually) offering training and strategic planning in one tailored to YOUR business.


I appreciate that sometimes, even when the planning is complete, the challenges have been resolved, clarity gained fro your marketing, you still might not have the time or desire. It's why LBB Business Solutions still offer 'done for you' services for a limited number of clients.



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