We help entrepreneurs and business owners (just like you) to stop stalling and get them back in the driving seat of their business!

YES, back in control and focused on success because we understand how easy it is to get distracted from the bigger picture by the day to day running of a business!

The phone is ringing, the orders are coming in and you are working dawn till dusk.  You are worrying about cash flow and need to raise those invoices and YOU WANT breathing space to plan your next business step.  You are working furiously just to keep your head above water, feeling overwhelmed and perhaps starting to run out of steam. YOU want to get back to doing the things you love ... the reason you started your business in the first place! Does this sound like you?

How can you create order and put yourself back in control?

What if your back office was taken care of, the invoices sent in a timely fashion, your marketing campaign was being delivered and your twitter feed full of great tweets? You have an extra pair of safe and trusted hands on call for when you need them but without the additional pressure of actually employing someone.  You have a person that connects you with potential clients or strategic partners; who can recommend systems, apps and working methods that result in you working SMARTER but not HARDER.  
It sounds good, doesn't it?  


Even better - there is a solution!  
Let us run your office and help YOU back into the driving seat and in control of your business.  Take a moment and think what it would mean to your business and what you could achieve if those wasted hours spent on the tasks that you loathe or never get to BUT are vital to your business, were done for you!

LBB Business Solutions provides high quality business support either on an ad-hoc basis (Pay-As-You-Go) or as a retainer package created especially to meet YOUR business needs and to achieve YOUR business goals.


What our clients say ...
After 14-years in business I can safely say that in the last year and a half that Lindsey has been involved with Design Types it has been a joy.  Lindsey runs the UK section of my company and is always polite and professional with all our clients using her vast experience and knowledge in social media and other fields, even taking over the inputting and updating of our accounting system.  She has benefitted our company beyond expectations - keep up the great work Lindsey!

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