I have on my Facebook page been talking about visibility, it’s also a topic that has come up in my Facebook group. Being visible is not about selling, it’s how YOU show up and provide value as an expert. The question is how?


don't_be_the_best_kept_secretTo be visible you must first know how you want to position yourself. What do you want to be known for and the expert of? Once you are clear on this you can decide on the ‘tools’ you will use and the ways you will provide value to your audience.


Since setting up LBB Business Solutions the ways in which you can show up have not only changed but increased. All provide you with the means of connecting with your audience, nurturing your potential client and creating relationships that result in sales of your products, services and programmes.


Get visible and speak

The most obvious way is to seek out speaking opportunities. Start small if this is outside of your comfort zone and put yourself forward at the local networking groups you already attend.


Start researching regional, national and worldwide events, where your ideal audience will be hanging out and where speakers are used and more importantly needed. Keep in mind that speakers are often booked a year in advance for larger events. Therefore, contact and connect early, follow on social media, share tweets and posts and consider attending the event. This is being visible in advance!


When choosing events to speak at, they must include your ideal audience and be in line with your goals. Be strategic in your decision making and don’t listen to the voice in your head that says ‘they won’t want me’. You don’t know until you ask.


Get visible and go live

Creating live videos will also help you get ‘speaking gigs’ so double whammy. You can go live on your Facebook profile, page and in your own group or those that you’re a member of but please check group rules first. The added bonus of going live on Facebook is you can download the video to use elsewhere e.g. on your website or upload to your YouTube channel. You can also go live on LinkedIn.


Before going live, think about your audience and ask yourself what do they need help with today? Don’t forget how you want to position yourself and be known for. Think about one key message and don’t be afraid to include a call to action e.g. a lead magnet or freebie that will move the viewer to your email list.


Get visible and email

There is little point in having a ‘list’ that you never use, making a new contact and not following it up. With the Facebook announcements last week, your email list is even more important. Not only should you be continually growing your list but equally as important is nurturing it. Providing value to those that have already shown an interest in you and your business.


I email weekly, a combination of insights into my week, sharing of knowledge and expertise and on a more personal level - all with a sense of humour. My audience knows that every Friday they will get an email, it’s my commitment to being visible and nurturing the relationship.


Get visible daily

Make it a daily habit, whether that is picking up the phone to speak with a past, present or potential client, participating in social media conversations or sending a text message. Decide what is right for you and start today, commit to being visible and adding value. It’s the easiest sales technique you will ever learn.


You can catch my recent Facebook live on visibility here, feel free to add your thoughts to the comments. If you need help to better understand being visible for the benefit of your business, book a Business MoT call, it’s my gift to you.