I have noticed that the phrase ‘best year yet’ is very popular when talking about 2018 and it really resonates because I don’t want to have the best year ever. Why? Quite simply I am working on the basis that every new year that I am gifted will be amazing.

Better, healthier, slimmer, fitter

All words you will have read or heard over the past few weeks. Plus, resolutions are out (because we don’t keep them) and goals are in which is brilliant news.


Double, triple, five, seven and nine figures

The terminology being used worldwide, promising you financial freedom and a thriving business that allows you to become healthier, happier and free.


Perhaps you’re in the early and exciting stages of starting a business. Hit a plateau and not sure of the next steps or have plans coming so fast you can’t commit them to paper quick enough. This is often when you are grabbing all that is golden and shiny, seeking the blueprint, the masterclass, the rainbow to your crock of gold.


Let’s stop for a moment to breathe

You’re already good enough, already amazing and an expert in your field. What you need is grit, determination and focus to achieve those goals. Yes, you might need help and guidance BUT find what is right for you, your business and today.


I have a file full of downloaded cheat and help sheets, signed up to newsletters galore and listened and watched conflicting advice. The trick is to find and reach out to that which resonates, feels right and adapt to suit your need and then switch everyone and everything else off.


With so many distractions already out there, don’t add to the noise that might throw you off course. Stay true to your plan, focus your energies where they’re needed and keep moving forward.


Find the right support in 2018 that will assist you in smashing your goals, creating the abundance you desire and deserve. While you will have to work to achieve your success with the right mindset it won’t feel like work, you will cherish the journey and enjoy the final destination even more.