I don’t literally need to get off but it would be good to stop time, catch up and then reset the clock. It’s that time of year when we all feel a little like that I guess. Projects to finish, cards to write, last minute meetings to attend, presents to buy and client work to complete.


stop the world I want to get offWith two little people in the house, I have nativity plays to watch and secret Santa presents to deliver. Christmas jumper day and an end of term party which apparently requires me to provide cake, biscuits, crisps or something similar. Which reminds me I must double check the email to see what I need to send with which child.

I was tempted not to publish a blog this week, a practice that I enjoy BUT felt I didn’t have the time to write. Of course, we do have the time if we make it - which I did and you’re reading it.


Why? Time is precious at this time of the year and I was in back to back meetings today BUT habits are easily broken and I didn’t want that to happen.

The message I want to share is that we have enough time for the important in both our business and personal life we just need to create it. So, as I write this blog, I'm sat feeling okay about my day because my Christmas cards are written and I have caught the last posting date for Canada. Christmas jumpers are washed and ready for the whole family to wear tomorrow (Friday 15th December) and with a little juggling I will catch up on my work programme.


I am almost up together and created free days next week to dot the i’s and cross the t’s of my 2018 business action plan. All programmes, courses and webinars will be in the diary and available on the website and by Friday I can switch off and enjoy the festive holidays with my family. The last Christmas in our present home which (fingers crossed) I will have exchanged on before the solicitors shut up shop for the year.

Where are you moving to Lindsey?
ll, we haven’t found our perfect home and will be moving in with my mum the second week of January. Am I worried or stress? Hell no, the perfect home will manifest itself and we shall be in an excellent position to buy so why worry ... well no point just yet anyway!

I don’t need the world to stop, the time to stand still or more hours in the day. Providing I stay focused I will be able to switch off on 22nd December with only the last few pressies to wrap and final supermarket shop to complete.

Prepare to wind down, prepare to switch off and do it with a smile on your face because this is not a dress rehearsal.