It doesn’t matter what you call it because without a plan you are like a rudderless boat in rough seas - bobbing around and getting nowhere fast. Without a clear purpose, you will not be heading in the right direction and not taking the action required to reach your destination.

set goalsRight enough of the metaphors, the message here is no matter what you call it .. you need to know where you're going in your business. If the words strategy document scares the hell out of you just call it something else, it’s only a name. Don’t get bogged down with planning the finer detail at the beginning simply decide upon your goals.


I did this exercise recently and decided to first give thought to the vision for LBB Business Solutions. What was it that I wanted to do and what did I want the business to be known for in 2018.


LBB Vision

Putting business owners in control of their business future by providing accountability coaching that creates clarity and focus for sustainable business growth.


I then went on to decide my business and personal goals for 2018 and made a list of what was needed to achieve these. I was then able to work on the detail, the action and tasks that were required and noted these in my 90-day plan, which actually became a 120-day plan to include December.


Why should I plan Lindsey?

The importance of planning and the need to implement that plan is not lost on me. I'm great at planning but without my business coach putting it into action would fall by the wayside. Why, because stuff gets in the way, we have a wobble and focus on the easy and the safe. Add to this that change can be tough even when we know it’s necessary.


There are keywords in my vision and supporting statement ‘control, future, purpose and direction’ all important to me and equally essential to business success.


In the corporate world or when employed you were most likely accountable to someone as a business owner this is not the case. Who keeps you on track? It’s why for the past 18-months I have worked with a coach who pushed me forward, had my back and was on my side but didn’t allow ‘excuses’.


The message today is simple .... call it a master or action plan, strategy document or directional map – it doesn’t matter. Providing you have clearly set out what you want to achieve in the year ahead, you can then break this down into monthly and weekly action.


You must then commit to it, don’t allow distractions or excuses to get in the way. Allow in your plan for holidays, time out and time away to keep your energy levels up and to ensure your commitment doesn’t wane.


Are you ready to plan for business success? Ready to take the action required and focus on the areas of the business that need your commitment? Talk to me about the Coaching for Success where planning, implementation and accountability are the name of the game. You can find out more here, where you can also book a call to see if we’re a good fit for working together.