Whether you like or hate social media it's a valuable marketing tool and to make it work you must commit to the channels you have decided to use and then 'show up'. Simple really.


show up to make social media work for youSocial media activity will not work if it’s ad-hoc or when you get a minute. Nor, will it work if you have decided to ‘have a go’ or because someone in the office ‘loves’ Facebook. It's a marketing method you must allocate time and resource to use. While the platforms themselves might be free, your time is not so if you are not outsourcing then recognise your time is valuable and precious.


Therefore, using it consistently and in the right way is essential to see a return.


You don’t have to be everywhere

By truly understanding your ideal or potential client and customer you will know which platforms they are using to find solutions, support and to connect with others. I can’t stress the point enough, you don’t have to be everywhere, you just need to be using the platforms where your audience ‘hangs out’. If that is LinkedIn allocate time to post regular updates, publish articles and engage.


You need to commit

I get asked often ‘how many times should I post, tweet or publish’ and there is no right or wrong answer (although there are rules of thumb you can follow). I tell my clients to be realistic in what they can commit to and where possible schedule in advance. You can then rock up during the week and at different times to engage and connect. Remember social media is a two-way street.


You need a content plan

Now here is the key, by planning in advance you will reduce the overwhelm and be in control of your social media activity. You will never be lost for words, unsure of what to post and even better you are incorporating activity into your overall marketing plan.


You need to mix it up

Let’s look at Facebook for a moment. There are many ways of providing value to your audience from sharing thoughts on articles, events or changes in law (depending on your industry) to quotes, business selfies, tips, facts and going live. The possibilities are endless and by mixing it up you will keep your audience engaged.


To recap ...

• You only need use those social media channels where you will find your client, customer or audience.

• Commit to using social media and show up – very important that bit.

• Provide value and variety to show yourself as the expert and maintain interest.

• Create a content plan that will ensure your social media activity supports your marketing strategy.


Told you it was simple

Okay, it’s simple and easy when you know how. However, deciding how to use social media in your business and incorporating into your marketing activity will reduce overwhelm and become less of a chore because you will see it's value.


Creating a content marketing plan puts you in control and ensures focused activity. If you want to get clear on how to use social media in your business drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give me a call on 07733 361 764, I'm happy to give you twenty minutes of my time.