Over the past twelve months while working on my personal development I've read much about gratitude. I understood it and got it but until recently didn’t truly understand its power.

importance of being grateful
Last week I attended the Academy Mastermind day with my business coach Karen Skidmore and the other members of the group. The morning was spent with Kate Wolf another coach who enlightened me about Women’s Power Types, a morning that introduced me to my Sorceress and Queen. Showing me that Super Woman was a power type to be banished.

It was an inspiring morning that challenged me to the core as so far 
out of my own comfort zone you would not believe.

It was during lunch that I truly began to understand gratitude. As I looked at the women around the table a warm fuzzy feeling was growing in my belly as each had touched my life and business in some way.

I was grateful to Kate for introducing me to a new way of ‘being’ both personally and in my business. She had shown me a better way and left me wanting to find the Sorceress magic within and use the Queen instead of the Super Women power type I have come to rely upon.

Then there was Karen, the woman who has been by my side for 18-months. Has believed in me, pushed me to be all that I can be and there with a 
kindly word when one was needed. She has been my rock in the business and I am extremely fortunate to have her in my world.

I have been on an amazing personal journey in 2017 and Helen and Janet, the other group members have been with me all the way, as I have been for them on their own journey. A year of discovery and mutual support where we have been able to shine a light for one another on areas of the business or personally when needed or the wobbles kicked in.

While the Academy that I am part of has not yet ended, this was the last Mastermind day when we would all be together in this way. The revelation was not only in the gratitude that I felt but in the happiness.

I have come to realise that gratitude is extremely powerful, it creates a feeling of contentment and happiness.

The feeling I am left with as I treasure the gratitude I felt on that day is already benefitting my business. I know I will achieve my goals in 2018 and develop the business to better provide me with 
the work life balance that until now has alluded me. I have made, I hope, friends that will continue to be part of my journey into the new year and beyond.

What are you grateful for?

Please take a few moments of quiet and note all that you are grateful for and do let me know in my Facebook group as I would love to share in your moments of gratitude.