Whether we like it or not the cards are in the shops, tinsel is appearing and the supermarkets are busy trying to outdo one another with their television adverts. The good news is, there is no reason why you can’t jump on the bandwagon and bring a little sparkle to your marketing.

festive-themed-marketingThere are many ways you can use the festive period in your marketing and below you will find a few ideas to get you started.


1. Create cover images for your social media profiles BUT don’t simply wish your following a Merry Christmas, be a little creative with your wording.


2. Promote a Christmas give away or freebie, something I could and still might do with the list I am creating for you here.


3. Say a thank you to your clients. You could do this with a Christmas hamper but why not create your own sweet treat hand-delivered with a hand-written card.


4. Create an electronic Christmas card and include a special offer, perhaps a free hour of your time, or a discount on a service, product or offering for the new year.


5. Use the twelve days of Christmas, perhaps a challenge on your Facebook page or in your group. Or is there a topic you can chunk down into twelve parts for blog content?


6. What about a printed newsletter, a roundup of the year and top tips for kicking off 2018 with purpose. Equally, this could be a PDF that you could share by email.


7. Take netted bags of Christmas chocolates to networking events, with your business card inside or attached.


8. Although time might be against you for this year, how about branded planners or notepads. Think outside of the box and include inspirational quotes or important annual dates of interest to your clients.


9. Think of ways to use Black Friday (24th November) and Cyber Monday (27th November) – what can you promote, discount or offer?


10. Why not invite past, present and potential clients to the office for mince pies, capitalise on this with an offer for all who attend or small gift to take away.


11. Make a donation to your favourite charity and let your clients know you will not be sending cards or gifts this year and tell them who you supported and why.


12. Have time and resource? Then why not pick up the phone to touch base before the Christmas holidays. No sell, just wish them a Merry Christmas.


Regardless of budget the least you can do is change your social media profile images and you don't even need to outsource by using Canva. Why not try creating your own Christmas card and with Canva you can download as an image or PDF.


Got an idea and not sure how to make it a reality? Why not book a call, my gift to you is twenty minutes of my time and my diary is open.