Plonking yourself down at the desk, putting your head down and getting on with the day ahead might NOT be the best way to kick start your morning. Why? There is no plan, you have not taken the time to prioritise the important and I guarantee you'll get distracted.

How does your morning routine impact your day?This blog is inspired by something my daughter said. I was making a coffee and checking the time to see what could be achieved in the few hours available. ‘I need a blog title’ I said out loud – talking to myself as usual. ‘Why not - how to start your day in the business?’ was the reply from my 
seven year old.


This got me reflecting on my day. I had sat and just got on with it ... and guess what the day had NOT gone to plan because there was no plan and many tasks were unfinished or not started. I had got out of my routine and today paid the price.


A few weeks ago, I had introduced a new morning routine, taking time out to write in my journal, followed by fifteen minutes planning my day. This ensured I focused on those tasks that had to be completed and those that had the greatest impact on my business. The result was a more focused me, important tasks completed and finishing the day with a feeling of satisfaction.


An unplanned day (for me anyway) tends to result in jumping from one task to the next and not completing anything. This is an inefficient way of working, unsatisfactory and leaves me feeling overwhelmed and out of control.


Why did I forget my routine?

It had not become a ‘good’ habit or something I have done long enough to be a natural behaviour. Perhaps subconsciously I thought ‘I don’t need this morning routine’ or stuff had just got in the way. Whatever the reason, I am now out of sync and in crazy lady mode – not good for stress levels or my sanity. Tomorrow morning I am back to the routine - the journaling, prioritising and planning my day to bring order back.


How do you start your day? Why not drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give me a tweet I would love to know how you kick start your day in the business.