Gone are the days of placing an advert and customers queuing at the door. Marketing is a process that should weave throughout your business from initial contact to after sales. It is how we communicate with our potential customer and treat them from the first contact.

I recently came across an article called the 52 Types of Marketing Strategies ... I can only imagine how that makes you feel. As a solopreneur or owner of a small business, you probably feel that you have enough to do without worrying about 52 strategies you might implement.

woman with megaphone
It's not about shouting loudest or louder
The key to your marketing success is first knowing your customer or ideal client inside and out. Understanding them from the problems they face, the challenges that keep them up at night to the elements of their business they love.

You can’t market your business without first knowing your customer, where you will find them and clear on how your business, product or services will make a difference to them.

Yes, your customer should be the centre of your world and I have blogged about this before. You see I like to think of marketing as the nurturing process. The journey you take them on as you develop a relationship, showing yourself as the expert and the solution they are looking for – the person or business they must do business with.

For me marketing equals relationship and I want mine to be long-standing and fruitful on both sides, perhaps because I'm naturally a ‘people person’ but ultimately because PEOPLE buy from PEOPLE. Unless of course, you have created a global brand such as Apple, Coca-Cola or Virgin BUT even they had to start somewhere.

Marketing in the 21st Century is in many ways easier with a greater number of tools available from social media to lead magnets, pay-per-click to networking. However, this can be overwhelming and result in a scattergun approach.  Remember, you don’t have to everywhere and you don’t need to use every tool in the box. You do need to use the right methods for your business in a consistent manner that resonates with your audience while promoting your business in the right places.

If you are struggling with your marketing, not sure which direction to go in, which tool to try or need to get clear on your strategy. Book a Business MoT, a 45-minute call with me, time out of your business to get clarity on marketing your business.