When working for yourself, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of working all hours, not taking a holiday and not coming up for air. It is a dangerous position and can easily result in burn out or worse still falling out of love with your business.

woman relaxingAre you guilty of not taking care of you?

I know I am and it's why with Great Britain Wellbeing Week this month I have joined Ira Blake of Light My Space to create B Positive a collaboration of like-minded people in the health and wellbeing field and business owners. Our aim is to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of you and this fits well with the ethos of Women on Wednesday the networking group I run and where our campaign is being hosted.

Why am I getting involved?

I work with a business coach who provides support and accountability BUT she's also there to remind me to slow down. I'm presently working hard to make changes in the business that will allow me to turn off the laptop to relax. This is challenging, I have two young children and run my business around them so working after they have gone to bed is the norm. But I am challenging myself and asking the question should this be the case.

As business owners, we tend to believe that we must work every hour and on occasions this might be the case to meet a deadline. But are we focusing our attention in the right area of the business? Are we creating work for the sake of being busy or even procrastinating? I was recently asked if ‘as an organised person can you still procrastinate’ and the answer is yes. Working alone it can be easy to get distracted, wasting valuable time on tasks that are not a priority and should be outsourced or delegated.

You can have all the productivity tools you could possibly need (and more) but if you CAN'T manage YOU you'll always be too busy. This can result in feelings of overwhelm, treading water and not focusing your time where it’s needed – leading to stress.

I sadly don’t have all the answers, or any, as we are all different. But if you are struggling to see the wood for the trees, have recognised signs of stress in the business and know you need to make changes – MAKE THEM. Don’t wait for a better time, by starting to make the small steps needed the sooner a bigger shift or change will occur.

What do you need to change today?

I challenge you to make the changes needed in your business to improve or maintain your wellbeing. You most likely know what they are and if you want a sounding board to clarify those thoughts book a Business MoT with me, the surgery is open.