I know from experience how easy it can be to hide behind social media, email and a website. All fabulous places to be BUT this can lead to frustration when services are not taken up, programmes not filled or products not sold. It’s where we feel safe, behind perfectly crafted messages.

woman hiding behind her laptopNow, I ‘m probably best described as an extrovert or a people person. I have no problem rocking up to a networking eventand speaking one to one about all that I offer. I get a thrill from bouncing ideas off others, sharing experiences and ‘selling’ my products face to face. However, even I can hide!

Setting up a business is a brave decision, taking guts and faith, so what happens to that grit? Perhaps it’s the day to day operations that take over, the worry of financial responsibility or a loss of focus. Whatever the reason, the result is that doubts can appear, you stick to what you know best and have always done. We hide away in the office, behind the PC and can easily be forgotten.

Show Up

It’s essential to business success that you show up in all that you do. Remember the ‘push me 
pull you’ from Doctor Dolittle? If you are continually pushing out messages about you, your business and services you are not really showing up. You need to pull your potential customers in by connecting and engaging with them, being the expert that you are by sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Be Visible

Don’t hide behind your perfectly crafted messages and marketing. People are busy and you need to make it as easy as possible for your potential client to work with you. Emails are deleted, social media messages missed and if you don’t follow up in a natural and human way then you are failing your customer. Remember, it’s good to talk so pick up that phone, instigate conversations on social media and put yourself forward to speak or present at events.

Be You

Let’s be honest you can’t really be anyone but you. Never be afraid of the competition, you are unique because you are you. Don’t let what others are doing stop you showing up and being visible. Equally, don’t try to be someone else, you will fail because you are quite simply YOU! Your knowledge and experience make you different and therefore you should never be afraid of putting yourself out there.

If you have plans for growth, development or launching a new programme, product or service - just do it. If you are ready to move the business into a new area, make a small or big change or want to focus on a niche market – just do it. Don’t let fear hold you back, don’t hide behind the PC show up, be visible and be you!