Once you secure a client, whether it's a short-term project or a long-term one, it's important to keep in touch with them. Your past and present clients are most likely your biggest advocates and it doesn't take much to keep in touch. A short note, a birthday card, or a congratulatory tweet, will go far in keeping you in the forefront of their mind for future projects.

The Little Things Matterretro green telephone

People are touched more than you realize by the little things. A handwritten note and a newspaper clipping from an article you read, a quick email regarding a new product or service you are offering or link to new software that you thought might be of interest. A sincere business or personal congratulations to show they are important to you.

We receive so little through the letter box you really will make their day with a surprise communication.

Clients Are Referral Generators

Current clients can be great sources of new referrals. This is because they are happy. Keep your current clients informed and updated on all areas of your work. Consider offering incentives for referrals too, as keeping connected will result in more clients.

Stay on Their Mind

By sharing information with a former client and sending them periodic updates on what you're doing, as well as congratulating them on their achievements, you'll stay on their mind. Then when they think of a project that involves the work you do or asked for a recommendation you'll be the first name that pops into their head.

People Get Busy

The client may have been meaning to contact you to talk about a new project but life just keeps getting in the way. They got busy and kept putting the idea on the back burner. You can help move new projects to the front burner by proactively contacting your clients on a regular basis.

Take It Easy

It's important to follow up without being irritating. Don't bombard your client or past client with continuous streams of emails. As a service provider, you're different from an email marketer and while you do want to grow and develop your prospects list, once someone is or has been a paying client don’t bother them with daily marketing messages as they might just tune you out.

Remember to segment your audience. Short-term project clients should be on a different email list than current paying clients. Both should be on a different list than prospects.

Prospects you want to contact at least weekly, if not daily. Current clients at least monthly and past clients you may only want to contact every 30 to 90 days. It depends on your audience, but one thing is for sure - following up with style and class will convert them all over again.

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