Starting a business and leaving behind the nine to five is an amazing feeling. The emotions range from fear to excitement, true belief to doubt and back again. Being your own boss means you choose the hours you work and who you work with. You are in total control of your business development and growth.

The downside is that you leave behind the benefits including holiday and holiday pay. No matter what you call yourself self-employed, solopreneur or entrepreneur the position is most likely the same for us all ... when we don’t work, we don’t get paid.

Take a holiday ...


1. To avoid stagnating in the businesswoman with outstretched arms
It’s easy to fall into the trap of head down to get it done and doing the same old, which results in not having time to think ahead. This is a dangerous position for any business owner. 
Forward thinking and planning are essential to your business sustainability and growth.

2. To prevent falling out of love with your business

Starting a business is a brave step but unless you take time out what's the point.

It’s so important to be grateful and to celebrate your achievements but how is this possible if you never take a holiday. You are most likely putting your all into the business, and rightfully so, however, to maintain the love of your business you need to step away from it.

3. To recharge the batteries

Your energy is not unlimited and therefore downtime is essential to continue your business journey. It doesn't matter if you are a start up or own an established business, to continue giving your all you will need to recharge those energy levels. A holiday gives you space to simply be you, relax and unwind.

I personally juggle a business and young family and thought I did a pretty good job until recently. My son wanted my attention, ‘please I just need to finish this’ I said, his response ‘are you on a timer?’ As it happens I was working on my business as opposed to client work BUT the message was clear I need quality time with the family with NO work distractions.

Next week we're off on the first full week holiday since I started the business and I am switching the out of office on. It’s time to focus on my family, enjoy time away from LBB Business Solutions and a well deserved holiday.


In addition, I am excited by the opportunity this presents to me, a chance to mull over quietly the business direction because we never totally switch off. Coming back fully refreshed and ready to jump on challenges that present themselves and energy levels topped up. My business won’t know wants hit it!


I can’t wait for my holiday – when are you taking time off?