Social media is a two way street, a communication channel between you and customer or client. It’s a place to connect with influencers, industry experts and other businesses that compliment your own. But how do you make it work?

I am happy to admit I'm no algorithm or SEO expert but I do understand that engagement is essential on Facebook. In fact, it's an important activity across all social media channels and I get asked ‘how’ all the time.

man holding 'share' sign

The first step is to connect. To follow or like accounts of others, those that you respect, recognise as experts or wish to collaborate with.


I suggest you go a little further and take the time to comment on a post, like an image on their Instagram feed or pin a blog to your Pinterest account. Interact in a way that they will see and shows you have taken the time to look at their account and have done more than simply click like!


Liking a post on Facebook is fine but taking the time to comment upon or share a post is much better and shows you value the content being shared. The same is true of any platform, easy to click a like or heart button but I suggest you do more. Quote a tweet, add a comment and mention the originator.


Give a shout out for a great account to follow and on Twitter, you can do this on a Friday by using #FF (Follow Friday). However, instead of listing accounts tell me why I should hit the follow button. On Facebook share a page or group and include your own narrative and information on why you are recommending this page.


Write a Facebook review or give a LinkedIn recommendation (as opposed to endorsement) tell everyone why they are amazing. In my opinion, a truly authentic way to promote others because linked to your personal account.

Finally, .... be genuine

Read articles or blogs before sharing, what you post is a reflection on you and your business. Promote others carefully, do you know them, have you worked them or are they a respected industry expert.

By proactively engaging on social media not only will you build a virtual relationship that you are able to take offline, you will receive reciprocated engagement.

Get social, start a conversation and engage like a professional. For social media tips and business support, please join the Make It Happen Facebook group here