The key to using any social media is consistency and this particularly applies to Facebook. To make algorithms work you must share content of interest to your audience. The sharing of the right content is essential for those all important likes, comments and shares.

To ensure you appear in the feed of your ideal client and following you need engagement, below are my top tips.

How many times should I post
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There is no right or wrong answer to how many times a day or week you should post. I would suggest once a day is manageable, creates consistency and prevents you appearing spammy. Keep in mind the 80/20 rule, 20 being the share of sales type posts.

Keep it interesting and mix it up There are many ways of shaking up your feed and here are some examples.

1. Blog articles offer fantastic content, your own or those of others that will be of interest to your following. In addition, it offers you many opportunities to share using different images or text.

2. Top tips and ‘how to’ posts are a great way of sharing your knowledge, showing yourself as the expert and providing help to your audience. Also, a chance for you to ask a question such as ‘what is your best tip’ to help with engagement.

3. Share an interesting article relevant to your industry sector or audience and give your view on the subject.

4. Review an app, software, book you have read or product you have used.

Analytics are your bible

Check your Facebook analytics regularly to see when your audience is online for optimal posting times and view past posts to understand what is working and what is not.

Join the party and be engaging

1. Social media is not a one way street, follow the pages of your clients, like, comment and share their posts – they might return the favour.

2. If you’re a member of Facebook groups use them, jump in and participate. While lurking is great, it won’t widen your own audience or create leads for your business. Follow the rules of any group and show up.

3. Follow pages of businesses that compliment your own, like, comment and share to build a relationship and to support them in reaching a wider audience.

Create a content plan

Spending time to develop a content strategy will save you time in the long wrong. This can be as simple or as detailed as you need for your business but don’t leave your social media activity to chance.

Remember, always keep your audience in mind, to avoid turning them off and them switching you off.

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