When was the last time you searched your company name or even your own in Google? Go on, give it a try. If you have a Twitter account it will most likely appear at or near the top. Therefore, this might be the first place a prospective client visits to find out about you and your business - and you need to create a great first impression.

7 Ways to improve your Twitter profile

Go grab a drink and follow my steps for an attention grabbing Twitter profile. 

Let's start with the basics and the visual (your profile and header photo)
@brownburden twitter profile

Do not leave your profile photo as an egg (default image), upload a professionally taken photo of you or an image that relates to your business. It needs to be memorable and clear to ensure it stands out in the Twitter feed, you don't want to be overlooked. A headshot works really well and Twitter recommended dimensions are 400x400 pixels. For inspiration why not scroll through your Twitter feed to see what stands out or catches your attention.

Change your header photo and make it relevant to your business, a view of the office, your team or products. Don't miss this opportunity to further showcase your business, create an image that tells a story, make it relevant and eye catching. Recommended dimensions are 1500x500 pixels and I use Canva which is brilliant for non-designers and creating images for social media. 

@BrownBurden - what's your handle?

It's worth giving some thought to his, it needs to be easy to remember for you and others and of course relevant. The good news is you can change your username or handle if you have a change of heart without losing your following.


Bio - how will you use the 160 characters?

With a limited number of characters, my top tip would be not to waste them. Avoid using words such as passionate, dynamic or loyal - just my thoughts but you get the idea. Focus on one key message about your business and while it's okay to add personal details e.g. mother, husband, coffee drinker this might not be the best of your characters.


URL Link - where will you take the visitor?

Most likely this will be your website and why wouldn't you? However, this is an opportunity to drive traffic and you might prefer to send them to a specific page of the website e.g. case studies or your blog. If you need to shorten the URL why not use Bitly.com and customise.


Location - where are you in the world?

You want people to know where you are in the world - don't you?


Add your birthday .. not because you want to receive cards and presents

To achieve a verified Twitter account you must complete your profile in full and this includes adding your birthday. Don't worry you can hide the year!


Bonus tip

Don't forget to pin your top tweets to your bio, a great way to promote an event or giveaway. Locate the tweet, hover over the drop down arrow on the top right and pin. You can unpin and replace anytime.


Did you find this blog helpful? Do you have a Twitter related question? Then drop me a tweet me @brownburden - I would love to hear from you.