Instagram is much more than pretty pictures but like any platform takes time, dedication and consistency to gain traction. However, the clue is in the title and with the fab app it’s an easy 'on the go' social media platform.

If you are using Instagram in your business I would highly recommend you convert to the business account. At the click of the button your customer can give you a call or drop you an email? In addition, you can view account insights (similar to other channels) where you can analyse your following!

A picture is worth a thousand words

If your business is visual then Instagram is a must, from hairdressers and beauticians to photographers and travel agents your material is all around you. In your day to day working you are just a snap away from your next great share.

You can post your creations, your products, your team, the office, the studio .... providing you have a phone in your pocket you can click and post!

People buy from people

There is no better way to show your personality than Instagram, it’s image led so a great way to be just you. Like other platforms, you can share as much or as little of the real you and if you're not comfortable with being in front of the camera ...  no problem! You can share photos of pretty much anything from your favourite dessert, an amazing view, an event you attend ... the possibilities are endless!

Your followers will see all your posts

Okay that is not strictly true, they will see all your posts if they scroll down their feed but your follower decides and not the algorithms! As long as you are posting regularly your posts will be seen and this is where insights are extremely valuable to ensure optimal posting time. Although I would add a caveat to this ... the clue is in the title Instagram is an instant platform, so don’t let the wrong time of day stop you posting!

fun ....

Nothing else to say really, a platform where you can quite simply click and share.

Top Tips

• Use Hashtags sparingly

• Choose your bio website link carefully

• It’s a two way street like all social media, so engage with accounts you follow

• Build your following and share the Instagram love

• Use @ and account name to mention

• When commenting use emoji’s - they are very popular!


1. You can’t (at the moment) use a third party for scheduling

2. The desktop version offers limited function

3. You can only use one website / URL link


While I am an advocate of planning for social media activity, Instagram is a great place to show personality, an insight into behind the scenes of your business and where you can most definitely have a fun! Come over and check out my account here.