How many times I have heard the words ‘I don’t have time for social media’ or worse still ‘I lose hours on Facebook’? Many, many times and this is because social media really is the devil, the worst time drain ever and the greatest procrastination tool of all time!

I covered social media in my blog ‘Four things draining your time’ and wanted to elaborate a little more on why and how to prevent it! 

Don’t drop in and out when the moment takes you!

If you are using social media in your business set aside time to do this but even more importantly have a plan. You must be clear on why you are using your chosen platforms and there is a tip right there! You don’t have to be everywhere, just use the platforms where your ideal client or customer hangs out.

A content strategy is a plan that will provide you with a consistent means of communicating with your audience. It will enable you to set out relevant topics in advance to ensure your marketing has a clear message across all platforms including your blog and any paid advertising.

Never give Facebook your attention because you have five minutes to spare.

You will never spend just five minutes on Facebook (or any social platform) even if your intention was to only to check your business page. Before you know it, a cute animal video will catch your attention, a friend will have posted their holiday snaps and you will be compelled to comment - BOOM half an hour has passed.

Next time you are heading over to Facebook or another platform, ask yourself ‘am I avoiding a task, do I have a purpose for visiting?’ Even if you truly have five minutes to spare wouldn’t this be better spent following up a lead, dropping a past client a call or checking in with your work flow? Don’t use social media as an avoidance tool!

While social media notifications are a fantastic way of never missing a mention, don’t allow them to interrupt your workflow

It’s very easy to get distracted by notifications of any sort but particularly social media ones, whether on your PC, laptop or phone. While being notified of activity is valuable there are times when they are just a distraction. 

If you are working on a project or piece of work and simply don’t need the interruptions, close your social media accounts. There is nothing easier than jumping into Facebook because you hear messenger ping or the little notification box appears on your screen. So, unless you are very disciplined and can ignore find another way of creating space to concentrate!

Make social media work for you and don’t allow it to take over your day

I mention above the importance of having a plan and a content strategy has much wider use than just social media, it's a valuable tool for all your marketing. It will give you clear focus and stop wasted time and money! Need help to create a strategy?

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