Last Friday I got to spend the whole day with Karen Skidmore for her Playing Your Bigger Game event. I wanted to share with you some of my biggest ‘take-aways’, insights and light bulb moments!

I attended as MC, introducing Karen to the stage and helping throughout the day and what a day it was. 
The sun shone, the venue was amazing and the room was full of fantastic business owners, some at the beginning of their journey having left the corporate world and others developing a new area of a
long standing business.


A full day out of the business is a major commitment but it was a day when I not only got to support Karen (for a change) but to focus on my business with no distractions (apart from wonderful food including afternoon tea!). So what were my insights?


1. I must look after myself

Energy levels are not unlimited and if we don’t look after ourselves it can and most likely will impact our business. I am by nature a high energy person, I want to get it done and always looking for what’s next on the list BUT it’s so important that we enjoy the moment. That we don’t get bogged down in tasks for busy sake and bring our heads up to reflect, review and plan.


Taking care of ourselves both physically and emotionally is essential to growing and developing our businesses.


During the day I had the pleasure of meeting vibrant, happy, energised and so much fun Adele Stickland of Get Gorgeous, who has over 18 years experience as a fitness professional. After meeting Adele I signed up for her Water Challenge and have kicked a coffee habit of 15-20 cups a day. I feel refreshed, focused and energised. Okay, so I haven’t joined an exercise class YET but one step at a time. Go on, sign up for one of Adele's challenges for a more gorgeous you!


2. Planning is key but implementation essential

I'm great at planning, writing strategies and get a real buzz from it but then ‘stuff’ gets in the way and I forget to implement. Equally, I go off on a tangent because I am a doer, something comes up so head down and off I go. It's essential to take time out to plan but without then putting that plan into action a complete waste of time.


While I have the amazing Karen to keep me on track, I can get carried away and this is extremely dangerous as key activity is missed or forgotten and focus is lost. Top of my list is to review my 90 Day Plan, reprioritise and make sure I include the ‘real’ action needed for my business to move forward. These tasks will mean the activity I am already great at will really pay dividends – how exciting is that!


3. I need to slow down

While I’m fortunate in the energy and enthusiasm I have, it can be the one thing that results in elements of the business being left behind. As I said above I get carried away, excited and off I go BUT I must stop and slow down. Not only to look after myself better but to ensure my ducks are in a row, fundamentals for business success are in place and I work at my most efficient!


What changes will you make?

We have all heard the term burn out and I can assure you it’s not something we want to experience. So, go grab yourself a glass of water and give thought to the small changes you can make to take better care of you and where you focus needs to be.