Time is our most valuable resource and we all have the same amount. So why is it that some days fly but with little accomplished and the most important job on your list left undone? I look at four time drainers you are most likely guilty of and how to avoid them. 

Email sucks you in. Checking your inbox can be fatal to your productivity because it sucks you in and before you know you have lost not minutes but hours.

• Turn off notifications and schedule times to check your inbox.

• If an email can be dealt with quickly, do just that and schedule time to answer those that require more thought.

• Unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t or rarely read as an overflowing inbox can be overwhelming, resulting in you spending more time looking at email than necessary.

• Set up email rules so you never miss the important and ‘the nice to read’ are filed for you to delete .. I mean read later.


To do lists are the enemy. I am a huge fan of a list and really couldn't function without one but not used correctly they can leave you drowning.

• Chunk down action into achievable tasks if you are not going manage in one hit!

• Don’t fill your list with jobs to create busy that then leave you feeling rubbish at the end of the day when not achieved.

Reprioritise and reschedule throughout the day if required or an unexpected event occurs e.g. deadline changes.

• Give thought to your list at the beginning of the day and reflect on your activity before switching off.


Social media is the devil. Don't get me wrong, social media is a valuable piece of the marketing strategy BUT often the biggest avoidance tactic ever!

• If you are using social media in your business set aside time to do this, don’t drop in and out when the moment takes you!

• Never give Facebook your attention because you have five minutes to spare ... before you know you will be 30 minutes behind!

• While social media notifications are a fantastic way of never missing a mention, don’t allow them to interrupt your workflow.

• Close all channels on your PC or laptop before starting an important piece of work.


Procrastination is a killer. We often procrastinate when we are avoiding a task or even fearful of a project.

• Learn to recognise this behaviour to help avoid it, which is probably a little harder than it sounds as you might need to delve deeper into why the behaviour emerges.

• When we are feeling overwhelmed it's easy to create unnecessary tasks e.g. filing, tidy the desk or if working from home putting the washing out. Stop what you are doing and think about what you're avoiding and why.

• If you are procrastinating to avoid a task or project tackle it before anything else and it most likely won't be as difficult or challenging as you thought!

• Look at your to do list and really think about what must be done, reprioritise if necessary and get started on the one job you must complete. One step at a time folks!


Bad habits and behaviours are easy to fall into, recognise them for what they are and take action to create more time in your day! Need help in your business to get organised, focused and more productive? Why not drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see how I can help you.