Posted on September 6, 2013

Several things have been going through my mind since my last blog such as:

How often should I blog?  Who is my customer, what do they look like and how do they think?  Does positive thinking really make a difference?  How am I going to thank all the amazing people who are providing support and guidance?

I would like to talk about amazing people!  I run a networking group for women here in Salisbury and it is obvious to me that this group is successful in so many ways and I have gone from running it as part of my day job to receiving support for my business.


Women are very different from men in that they see the benefit or simply want longer term relationships, understand that results are not instant and are happy to provide support, guidance and share knowledge.  Where men are more ‘sales’ driven, need instant result from networking or connections and are less likely to share knowledge.

Now before you shout feminist or contact me to say ‘I am not like that,’ there is always exceptions, different is good and no way is right or wrong it is ultimately about what works for you!

So with my connections and relationships that I have built … I  have a logo, have been able to use my domain name for this blog (courtesy of the wonderful help provided by John Bruce, WEBBYFOOT – a man!) and have an email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

I am ready to launch my business!

Touching on positive thought and please believe me when I say I am not the holistic type; I do believe in relationship building and the benefit that this brings.  I have many people that are keen to promote LBB Business Solutions, believe in me and have helped to make my business a reality.  Again please remember I haven’t even launched yet!  Do not underestimate the power of connections!

Blogging and how often?  At the moment I am simply sharing the journey that I am on, so I don’t feel the need to share the smallest detail but once my business has launched I do feel that a daily post is important, providing it is helpful and of interest.

Finally this evening please see below the musings of a woman in her kitchen, listening out for her children and excited about her new business!  I hope the following is helpful to you if you are starting out on your journey but equally will apply to those already established in business.

  • surround yourself with amazing people!
  • take each stage of your business as it comes
  • don’t fret about those decision you are not in a position or need to make (until you need to make them)
  • believe in yourself
  • when you have doubts think of them as a time to check the detail and not doubt in your plans
  • as with everything your gut instinct is always right

Finally, multi tasking is essential, while writing this blog I have painted my nails (2 coats because I have a wedding tomorrow), sent a text to the bride to wish her a relaxing evening and a great day tomorrow, responded to the text messages I have received from the husband who is out and been communicating with my partner in crime who will be delivering a speech with me at the wedding!