I recently presented a workshop and of course had my business cards to hand. Now while I still love my business brand and colour I gave them out with a sigh. They no longer make me feel all grown up, a proud business owner and serious business woman! Designed almost four years ago when my business was very different the message is now all wrong!

It got me thinking generally about business cards, do I need one or even want one. My mane first appeared on a business card when I worked in Hong Kong (many years ago) and I gave it out with pride and thought 'I've made it'! An important part of the culture was to hand your card over with two hands, something I still on occasion do today - a tradition that was about respect. I have to admit I still have a card or two tucked away in a memory box.

Do business cards have a place in the digital marketing age we now work?

Let's face it you really don't want to be writing your contact details on a scrap of paper at a networking event and I think at my age writing my number on the back of someone's hand might be seen slightly odd! Therefore, I believe they are a valuable marketing tool and would urge you not to discard just yet!

I see the business card as the forgotten marketing tool, it not only allows you to share your contact details in a professional manner but also offers a means of promoting your marketing message. We should never forget the card has two sides and that your brand is more than a logo so why not add a photo (preferably of you!).

If you are just starting out on your business journey, think carefully about your social media account names short and snappy will be easy to add to a card. Change that LinkedIn URL and ditch those numbers so you can include and if you haven't got a clue what I'm talking about download my help sheet to find out more.

Business cards are relatively inexpensive to print, although I don't recommend an online cheap option - especially where the company adds their own name and contact details to the reverse of your card. Don't be clever with size and shape as let's face it you will need to fit them into your wallet, purse, card holder or box and the same goes for the recipient. Okay yes, it will stand out and might be remembered but will it be kept!

Top marketing ideas for the reverse of your business card:

1. Your top tips for XYZ

2. Share an inspirational quote

3. Promote a special offer

4. Include a testimonial

6. Explain the difference you make to your clients - in a few sentences

5. Add a compelling call to action

I would love to hear your ideas for using the business card as a marketing tool, drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as you never know I might incorporate into my new design.