LinkedIn is the place to find and be found and the most powerful business networking website with over 25 million profiles viewed daily! Are you maximising on the potential LinkedIn offers? Not just another platform and certainly not just for recruiters, it offers huge potential for B2B services and should not be overlooked.

I just don’t have time

Is a phrase I hear often but you need to make LinkedIn part of your digital marketing strategy. Whether you decide on a weekly visit or twice a month – you need to be at the party to benefit. It’s the place to connect and is being used more and more as a hub for information, guidance and support.

Engagement is simple with the new desktop layout and brilliant app, which if you haven’t downloaded you must. I find having it on my mobile devices makes it easy to engage in those moments when I am waiting for a call, for the kids to finish school or in a queue at the supermarket.

The now not so new desktop look is easy on the eye, easy to navigate and keeping your profile updated is a breeze. I love the new search feature and you can easily see who is engaging with your posts and articles.

I recently read that without an All Star strength profile are you are almost invisible. Now whether this is true or not I don't know and I am certainly not an SEO or algorithm expert but why take the risk? To help you revitalise your profile and reach All Star (if you have not already) I have created the 9.5 steps and quick fixes to an attention grabbing profile. Download your FREE copy here.

Still not sure why you should be using LinkedIn?

1.  Over 467 million users

2.  Available in 200 countries and In 200 different languages

3.  79% of users are aged 35 or over

4.  Average time spent on LinkedIn is 17 minutes per month

5.  Over 25 million LinkedIn profiles viewed daily

6  Three million users share content weekly

People want to buy from people and LinkedIn is the perfect place to promote yourself and recommendations are highly credible as they are linked to the recommender. So what you have got to lose, download the FREE pdf and make thirty minutes to update your profile today. When you have finished why not connect with me.