Ever wondered why your products don’t sell or you can’t fill your programmes? It's not easy marketing your own business and writing copy, particularly copy that resonates with your audience, client or customer. Believe me, we have all been there and it can be paralysing.

When struggling to write copy it can result in a loss of faith in the product, programme or offering. The doubts start to creep in, fear takes hold and your start to procrastinate like a ninja! You will quite simply find anything to occupy your hands other than marketing!

Having a plan or blueprint that can be tweaked and improved is a great tool and worth investing your time in creating, it will give you a real confidence boost and feeling of control. Now take a breath because this is when you need to feel that fear and do it anyway, like most things the first step is the hardest.


Just get started

Whether you are holding an event, webinar or launching a new programme or product pick a date and book it. It sounds so simple but without this date, you are never going to start marketing! You now need to work backwards and give yourself the lead time necessary to promote, this might be six, three or even two weeks but ensure it gives you a realistic time frame to achieve that valuable marketing.


How are you going to market?
Make a list of every activity, channel and means you are going to use to spread the word. Note deadlines for newspapers and magazines, further break down tasks if necessary - be as detailed as you can because this is your blueprint!


Hire a professional designer for marketing material
There is still a place for printed material, but give thought to your message, call to action and where you are going to use. There is nothing worse than finding a pile of leaflets months later that you didn’t distribute – printed material makes for expensive scrap paper!


Create urgency
Use an early bird offer, discount price or a limited number of seats. Offer something extra, access to another programme, prize draw or free gift to the first XX number of sales.  Be creative but make sure you are always adding value!


Pick up the phone

As you near the end of the promotional campaign pick up the phone. Ring everyone who has shown an interest, that clicked on a link or said yes but hasn’t booked. A handy tip is to keep a list right from the outset of interested parties that you can follow up.


Make it as easy as possible and personal
Use Eventbrite for bookings, keep in contact with attendees and buyers right up until the last minute by email and social media. Treat each individual as if they are your only client or customer.


Don’t let fear hold you back, take the first step and just do it.