There are times when action is critical, there is no time to plan and you must react. However, we can sometimes act without proper thought or planning. This might be because we had a good idea, we have seen elsewhere a marketing tactic we want to replicate or are told by others we should be doing it.


The problem with great ideas and implementing without thought is that it can take us or the business in a different direction. Can result in inconsistent message and marketing activity or just take your energy and focus away from the important. You are not alone and I have done this myself. The result is a confused me, a confused business and wasted resource!


plan a or plan bAny new activity must be considered as part of your overall business plan or marketing strategy. It must further your business aims, help to achieve your goals and make a difference (small or big)! It should not see you stray from the path, create additional pressure on you or the business and definitely not become just ‘another thing you need to do’.


It is not that you can’t change the direction of the business or your focus. However, you must ensure any new activity will further your success and that it dovetails with your present plans. Perhaps you will need to reprioritise resource, stop or even put another activity on hold? Another question to ask yourself, is what new opportunities will it bring to your business?


Whenever I have a great marketing or business idea that I want to do now!! I stop to consider where it fits in and how I can use it strategically in the business. Often a brilliant idea with a little thought can have far greater potential than first initially realised. This is the key and where it won’t be the case every time you will be surprised how something small can have the biggest impact with thought and planning!


Four steps for implementing activity successfully

1.. Start an ‘ideas’ list
2. Introduce a monthly or quarterly business review – with yourself if necessary - when you consider your ideas list.

3. If you have decided to go ahead with activity - plan the how!

4. Monitor and evaluate!


Just because you are not implementing an activity NOW doesn’t mean it won’t be right at another time. Unless you have completely disregarded as bonkers keep it on your list for consideration at your next review meeting.


While I hate with a passion meeting for meeting sake as solopreneurs and business owners it is easy to ‘just keep going’. If you do nothing else today, diary a regular meeting to review your activity – it’s a great way to ensure you manage the business and not the other way around!