Social media is a must for any business and its value to your overall marketing strategy should not be overlooked. It gives you a platform to open two way conversation with your customer, opportunity to showcase your business and show yourself as the expert in your field; and access to a worldwide audience. 


So, why is your effort and activity not being rewarded?


1. The chances are you don’t have a strategy
The quote by Benjamin Franklin comes to mind ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’. To achieve success on social media you must know who your audience is, where they are hanging out and plan a consistent approach to reaching out to them.


2. You are trying to be everywhere
You only need to be using the platforms where your customer can be found, you don’t need to be everywhere. Think about the platforms you chose carefully i.e. if your target audience is male then Pinterest might not be the place to engage as 
users are 80% female (figures do vary but you get the idea).


3. Inconsistent
A planned approached for how often you will engage, share content and are present on social media is key to success. It is a crowded, busy and noisy place and appearing once in a blue moon or only when you have something to promote will not create the environment for success.


4. Forgotten your audience

It is extremely easy to get distracted, forget who you are trying to engage and connect with, then before you know it you are sharing content that is of no interest to your audience at all! Put your customer first, it’s not about you but them!


5. You’ve stopped the incoming flow

You wouldn’t attend an actual networking event and just talk at people (well I hope you wouldn't). You would listen, engage and connect then follow up after the meeting (well you should). Social media is a virtual party and a two way conversation so stop pumping out sales messages, telling everyone how great you are and ENGAGE with your audience.


Before I go ...
Check your profiles, bios and about sections to ensure you are sending the same consistent message. Think about branding across all platforms that you are using and make sure your contact details are correct and links work. Don’t forget to include social media links on your website, in your email signature, business card and company literature – make sure you can found!


Have fun, and be all that you can be on social media and if you need a helping hand or have a burning question why not drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or better still say hello on Facebook or give me a tweet - go on get social!