A solopreneur is someone who works for him or herself. In Britain, the number of self-employed rose from 3.8 million in 2008 to 4.6 million in 2015 (Office for National Statistics). An ever-growing number of people ditching the 9-5 and going it alone for all the fantastic benefits of working for yourself.

However, there are things you need to know before taking this big and brave step – going it alone and being self-employed is not for the faint hearted!


1. It is lonely
Sitting in your office at home, or even at the kitchen or dining room table, can be extremely lonely with only Radio 2 for company. There is no one to bounce ideas off, to reassure you on that major decision or make the coffee.


To avoid the ‘lonely trap’ join networking groups, turn Skype off and visit your clients or for a change of scenery why not work from a coffee shop once a week. Build a support mechanism full of amazing people that will listen to your worries and help you through the tough times.


2. You are suddenly the 'dogsbody'
Be prepared for being the ‘dogsbody’ and doing it all from answering the phone to invoicing, providing customer service, being the sales person and making the coffee!

In the beginning, you may not feel able to outsource but NOT doing the daily ‘stuff’ that gets in the way of growing your business yourself is an important lesson to learn. You can’t be the expert in everything, pass to someone else the tasks holding you back.


3. Procrastination is the devil

When working alone it’s very easy to get distracted and often this can be an avoidance tactic. You’ll be surprised what you can find to do, how many hours can be lost to social media and how suddenly tidying the living room can seem appealing.

Set your working hours and stick to them, household chores must wait until your day ends. Turn off notifications for social media and even email if that helps. Take a lunch break and use this as the time you take care of ‘personal stuff’.



4. Feeling demotivated is not unusual

Even for the most self-motivated when you find yourself suddenly adrift from a team, it can be tough to stay focused and motivated. Especially if something has not gone quite right, you failed to win a client, lost a client or are just having a ‘bad’ day.

This is when your support mechanism can really come into play and a quick call or coffee might be just the thing. Or perhaps you need a few hours out of the business, put the closed sign up and go to the gym, walk the dog or go meet a friend for lunch.


5. You will never see another weekend!

Being a solopreneur is just liking having a baby, to grow and develop it needs constant feeding and watering, tender loving care and at times you will have to deal with the shit.

You will need to be disciplined about your working hours and at times this will be hard especially at the beginning. Make sure you book schedule time out of the office for non-business related time and believe it or not taking a holiday has never been more important.


I juggle my full-time business around two small children, the school runs, the house, a husband and me! At times it's extremely challenging but I wouldn’t change a thing. I am my own boss, can do school runs every day and have an amazing support mechanism, including the husband who is my biggest supporter and advocate! Life is pretty good and I am looking forward to 2017.


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