A new year, a new you! January seems to the time that we make resolutions that we never keep. We promise ourselves we shall be better at ‘stuff’, get fit, become a millionaire or just drink less coffee (that’s me this year so just going to grab a glass of water).


Why don’t we keep resolutions (... oh I still need to get that glass of water)?

I question why we make them in the first place. If we want to make changes to ourselves or in our business why don’t we do just that at the time we realise action is required. By setting goals in January I wonder if we are simply setting ourselves up to fail because we have 12 long months ahead of us to be better or to make that million. Perhaps the goals set are unrealistic ... impossible or just too big to achieve!


I must look after myself better

This is not a resolution but a promise I have made myself, but achieving the goal is in the how and not setting myself up to fail. By simply writing the sentence I am not going to achieve the goal set, it is far too large for me to achieve. I need to break this down into small steps, changing my bad habits to create new good ones - making the goal achievable. So, what do I need to do to look after myself better ... what actions do I need to take?


1. I drink way too much coffee – fact!glass of water

I am going to replace every other cup of coffee with a glass of water. This small change will help give me glowing skin, improve concentration and reduce my stress levels because let’s face it coffee is not great for stress. Drinking water also helps relieve fatigue so I should be bouncing around the office and work flying off my desk – helping me to work more efficiently! It will also save me a fortune which can be spent on treats!


By the way, now drinking my glass of water!


2. I work far too many hours – fact!

I juggle my business around my two small children which means I catch up on the hours lost from 'pick up to bedtime' in the evening and into the night. Working in the evening is not when I am most productive, so activity can take longer and needs to be checked carefully the next day ... meaning I touch a piece of work more than necessary. So, it’s time to give me a break. I'm not going to set nights I don’t work, as I know I won’t stick to that but I am going to work fewer evenings if only one less a week.


3. Working smarter is not an option – fact!

I already work smart, prioritise work, write list upon list to keep on top of things and use a whole host of productivity tools. So, I need to get better at saying NO and outsourcing work, which is no easy task when, if you're like me, you want to help everyone - but I shouldn’t do this at the detriment of looking after myself. To help me achieve this I have scheduled an hour every week to review my business, a meeting with the boss if you like. A time when I am going to challenge my business decisions, it's when I will question the things on my ‘to do list’ and ask what can be outsourced, am I right the person to do this task or should I even be doing that job.


4. I don’t treat myself enough – fact!

I have said it before but I really should enjoy a beauty treatment, a coffee with a friend or something that is just for me! This is the year when monthly I am going to treat me and it’s going to be easy because I have a BIG birthday this year and am going to celebrate every minute of 2017!


Don’t set yourself up to failbelieve in yourself be you

Think about what you want to achieve for you or in your business and then establish the actions that need to be taken to achieve the goal. Break your goal down into manageable and achievable actions, change bad habits for good ones and be all that you can be. Be more amazing than you already are!


While writing I have drunk two glasses of water! It wasn’t as hard as I thought which will please my good friend Dr Karen Janes who is always telling me to drink more aqua!! Small steps and changes to being kinder to me have commenced!


What will you achieve in 2017?