We are drawn in by the adverting stories we watch on the television. The washing up liquid that lasts and lasts to the benefit of getting your eyes tested to prevent you taking a roller coaster ride while eating your cheese sandwiches. All told in the format of a story – and it works because it makes us smile or brings a tear to the eye and we remember the advertiser!

Storytelling is an art form

I was reminded of this recently by Mo Yusuff owner of Club Row Creations. On behalf of a client I used Club Row Creations and at the time signed up to receive their news, written as it happens by Mo himself. He never sells to me, but shares stories of what is happening in the business or personally and recently told us about his Aunt Flo the Fire Eater! Mo shared one of Aunt Flo’s stories which made me smile and has resulted in this blog.

I repeat, Mo never sells to me, honestly, I can’t remember him ever mentioning a product. Yet he regularly emails sharing stories and keeping his promotional product business in the forefront of my mind – all with a sense of humour.

Marketing is nothing more than storytelling

It is how we get our message across. It is how we promote our products or services without the hard sell, showing in an informative and even amusing way how working with us or buying our products will make a difference to the lives of our client or their business.

If writing is not your thing you might find it easier to outsource to a copywriter. The point I am making is that content marketing is not so frightening and far removed from a ‘sales pitch’, which can scare the living daylights out of the best of us! It is how we show ourselves as the expert, share information that is of interest to our reader, and ultimately the customer; that does not have to be about our business BUT must be relevant.

Write with your customer in mind

Next time you write a piece of advertising copy, a blog or even a social media post remember the last advert you watched on television, the story it shared and the emotion it evoked. Write with your ideal customer in mind, talk to them as if they were standing in front of you – a friendly and warm piece of copy will be far more successful than ‘buy it now’!

Be like Mo

Mo shared something personal, it is a way of connecting / reaching out to people that he may not have met or may never meet. You should only share what you are comfortable doing, but it is a hugely successful technique and I would call Club Row Creations without hesitation in the future, partly because of the connection I feel to Mo. I should also add that Mo responds to emails, so when I have pinged a reply thanking him for a share and making me smile I get a response - this is really important to developing that relationship

A share from me

I come from a family of storytellers, my father wrote and was published as did his mother – nothing special but they loved nothing more than penning or telling a story. My father was in the merchant navy until later in life when he became a publican and enjoyed over ten years of storytelling from behind the bar! A dream job I would think for any story teller.

Before I go

If you need help with your marketing I have developed a programme of masterclasses to get you from marketing argh to ooh. Course dates can be found on my Training page and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about the masterclasses available.  Finally, if you need promotional products for your business I can’t recommend Club Row Creations highly enough, exceptional customer service and the best email communication ever.