Let’s first be clear, open and honest. There are no easy steps to business success, there is no quick 1,2,3 and you are living in the big house and staying in six-star hotels in exotic locations. Sorry but that is the truth of it!

When we take that brave step to go it alone, establish a business and be our own boss it is just that … a BIG brave step. It is a journey that will see you shed a few tears, yell with frustration, maybe break the bank and at times seem too tough for words. The flip side of this is you will hopefully be doing something you really love, making a difference to the lives or businesses of others and having a ball … on the days you are not sitting with your head in your hands that is.

How to make success just that little bit easier?

1. Do something you love (providing there is a market for it).

2. Build your business on good, strong foundations from your business plan to marketing strategy and everything in between.

3. Get to know your customer, client or audience better than you know yourself.

4. Surround yourself with amazing people, those that will support you in your journey, celebrate your successes with you and bring chocolate, wine or just a listening ear when things are tough.

5. Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. This quote by Oscar Wilde is so very true and you should never try to copy someone else or someone’s business – why would you when you have something different to offer – YOU!

6. Never stop learning. I have a daily routine of reading for ten minutes every day, something I introduced to help me get through the many books I have over the years bought and were gathering dust and I am learning every day.

7. Take a break, because we all need down time and space away from our business to be the best that we can be.

bucket and spade

I am taking my own advice and a week’s holiday with the husband and kids, the first full weeks break I have taken since starting my business journey three years ago. Yes, I shall be working up to the very last minute and will still answer my phone and check my emails but I am not taking client work .. this is ME time.

Now wish me luck because as I pack the car up I believe Britain is about to be battered by storms but I don’t care. This is time out for me and with my family and actually a milestone for the business because I am switching off (well almost).