Posted on October 30, 2013

Having established LBB Business Solutions, I will in the coming months start to collect business cards so I need to think about how I will use them.  This is really important to me and for any business, why collect them if you don’t use them!

When asking for a business card it is because you want to cultivate a relationship but you will also be given business cards, don’t presume that this may not be of use!  By this I mean you may be given a card that you initially think ‘I don’t need this service’ but cultivating of relationships is key to all business and you don’t know who they know and if they need your services.


  • Create a database for business cards collected; include notes such as where you met, why you asked for their card and future connection.
  • Contact the person within 48-hours and say hello.  This is a great opportunity to ask their permission to add them to your mailing list and explain why you would like to do so.
  • Follow up on action that you promised to do for this person e.g. an introduction and do within 48-hours!
  • Visit their website and send a message letting them know what you enjoyed about your visit and give positive feedback.
  • Invite them to appropriate networking groups or events.
  • Not heard from them, send them your next newsletter with a personal message.
  • Next time you see them say hello, introduce them to others if attending an event together.
  • Follow them on social media and say hello!
  • Evaluate, what have they responded to, what has worked and what does this contact mean to you e.g. potential future business, referrals, someone you would recommend!

To Recap

  1. Create a database
  2. Contact the person
  3. Follow through on actions!
  4. Visit their website
  5. Invite them …
  6. Send them your newsletter
  7. Introduce them to others
  8. Follow them on social media
  9. Evaluate
  10. SMILE!

My Pet Hates

  • Don’t say you are going to do something and don’t!
  • Don’t add me to a mailing list without asking and please do have an unsubscribe button!
  • Weak referrals, this is embarrassing for both parties and has happened to me but not as LBB Business Solutions.  A recommendation is great but don’t tell someone that this person needs print, design or other service if they don’t!