When training or speaking on social media, or just in general conversation the statement I hear most is ‘I don’t know what to post’! It is a common worry and concern and often why social media fails because it leads to inconsistency and infrequent updates, tweets and posts.

The great news is that social media doesn’t require you to talk just about your business and in fact you shouldn’t. To show yourself as the expert, or to engage with your audience, customer or crowd you need to prove that you have your finger on the pulse in your industry or business sector.


There is much written about the ratio of creation versus curation but a good rule of thumb is to only ‘talk’ about your business a third of the time. I hear you all breathing a sigh of relief, followed by the question ‘so what should we do?’

Here are my five tips for using curated content:

1. Share articles and blogs by industry experts, latest news and updates from your business sector. It is good practice when doing this to say where the information is coming from, so on twitter add via @name – and they may even RT you!
2. Keep a list of awareness days, times of the year that relate to your business and promote. This works equally well for special days of the year.
3. Promote events that might be of interest to your following, a webinar that is occurring or even training in your area. If you are attending even better, as you can add a comment such as ‘see you there’.
4. Share information or services from the websites of others that you feel comfortable in recommending or think might be useful to your customer.
5. 'On this day in history' is another great resource and depending on your business can work really well or why not introduce a Top Tip Tuesday or Fact Friday.

Remember … whatever you share it must have relevance to your business and your following, it needs to have a connection to the services you offer and at all times keep in mind your audience!

Still strugglingquestion mark

1. Showcase a team member, shout out a birthday
2. Celebrate a client's business milestone
3. Think seasonal and ask a question e.g. Valentines Day, flowers or jewelley
4. Support a local charity and share their news
5. Get behind the scenes of your business and take photos for sharing

Have a little fun, social media is called social for a reason but always ensure appropriate, non offensive and keep your customer in mind.


Think I have missed something, or want to share a great tip? Please tweet me @BrownBurden using #SocialMedia for extra exposure!