I was suffering from bloggers block last week so I took to the internet for inspiration, and consequently got distracted by SEM, Search Engine Marketing.  There is an acronym for everything these days, but to put it simply - this is your pay per click campaign or strategy, AdWords!


This also applies to published posts on LinkedIn, your Facebook advertising and so on, as you are constantly using keywords to reach out to your ideal customer.  All of this got me to thinking that keywords are essential to ‘marketing’ - full stop. Knowing and understanding what your customer needs, wants or is struggling with, is essential to using the right keywords in your digital marketing.


You need to know what they are typing into search engines when looking for answers and solutions to their problems.


SEM is much easier to understand and achieve than Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in my opinion, although it works to achieve the same end result – being found!


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So how do we find those magical keywords and unlock marketing success? Does this system work for all? 

I believe it does, although it’s easier to establish keywords for certain businesses. Take accountants for instance, they offer services which can be easily segmented so you can create keywords for each area of the business.

If you are creating an adword campaign the trick would be not to pick general words.  To explain: if you are a retailer that sells ladies shoes you don’t want to be using the word 'shoes' because this may drive unwanted traffic. You need to use 'ladies heels', 'ladies boots', 'ladies flats' … you get the idea.


Putting pay per click and SEM aside this is a great exercise for marketing to ensure that the right keywords are used throughout your online content and that resonate with your customer base.  These keywords should also be used across social media and even face to face.


Unlocking keywords for success

Grab a piece of paper, write at the top what you do in the fewest words possible, segment your services and write keywords for each. Go check those keywords in Google and see what comes up. Or pop them in www.keywordtool.io a free version of the Google Keyword Planner. Tweak as necessary.

This simple exercise will help you to find what your audience is looking for, or more importantly what keywords you should be using throughout your on and off line marketing.  Now check your website copy is using those magical words or phrases!  
If you are feeling brave you have completed the first step towards creating an Adword campaign!

Marketing success doesn’t happen overnight, there is no quick fix or easy route. It takes time and commitment, whether that be a social media campaign, AdWord campaign or Facebook advert. You need to monitor, evaluate and tweak on a regular basis – marketing takes perseverance, consistency of message and activity to bring reward.


Most importantly you need to know your customer, what they are struggling with and then write your copy, adverts or social media posts showing them that you understand their pain and have a solution!