Quite simply a virtual networking hour, a place to connect, promote and engage.  The key words being connect and engage, just like face to face networking you are building relationships – not hard selling.  There are many hours for you to choose from and the first step to success is finding the right one for you.


Personally, I suggest you start locally, or find the right niche hour for your business.  I support #SalisburyHour and if you want to join us we meet every Wednesday between 8pm and 9pm.  A group for local businesses from in and around Salisbury but we do have and welcome visitors from outside of the area.  We are a very friendly bunch so do join us!


To be successful you need to understand and follow Twitter Hour Etiquette!  It also helps to be clear on why you are joining a particular hour, is it to raise your business profile, increase brand awareness or to connect with others in your niche.  This is important as you really don't want to be wasting an hour that could be better spent on other areas of your business or time out of your business.





Six things NOT to do during a Twitter Hour

1. Schedule your posts and don’t bother to turn up. How are you supposed to build a relationship with someone who isn’t even there!
2. Sell. I don’t want you to sell me anything, I want you to get to know me and vice versa and I can’t do that if you are pushing your sales patter

3. Push out the same tweets week, after week, after week. It just tells me that you are lazy, unoriginal and can’t really be bothered.

4. Tweet nonsense. Don’t get me wrong, we all get fat finger syndrome at times and typos are inevitable but consistently tweeting poorly spelt tweets, that make no sense are not sending the right message about you or your business.

5. Don’t be negative. About your business, the hour you are joining or anything else for that matter. Twitter hours are supposed to be fun and negative tweets are quite frankly not welcome.

6. Drop in for the last 10-minutes. If you can’t make it for the full hour or at least 30-minutes don’t bother. It’s okay, there will be another one along next week.


Now I have got that off my chest let us think about what you should be doing.

1. Before joining any Twitter hour do make sure sure that your Twitter bio and contact details are correct. Get rid of that egg and add a profile cover.
2. Be there, be engaging, reach out and connect. Don’t forget to retweet others, comment and be supportive.

3. Share news, information or event dates that will be of interest to those attending.

4. Follow accounts that you have connected with and continue the relationship outside of the hour.

5. Attend regularly, just like face to face you need to be consistent to see results from your time spent networking.

6. Don’t forget to say thank you, and have fun!


So there you have, what not to do and what to do for Twitter Hour success.


To help you find the right hour for your business the very lovely people at Tillison Consulting in Hampshire have created an ever growing list of Twitter hours so why not take a browse here >>> Twitter Hours by Tillison Consulting.


If you are worried about joining in why not watch an hour or two from the side lines before diving in. Then when you are ready say hello, most hours are extremely friendly and welcoming!  Happy tweeting folks and if you fancy dipping your toe in why not join us on Wednesday’s between 8pm and 9pm, simply use #SalisburyHour so we can see your tweets.


If you found this blog helpful, please give me a tweet @BrownBurden or feel free to share.  #SharingIsCaring