I have blogged about Facebook before but I thought it time to write again. Love it or hate it social media is a valuable part of any marketing strategy. There are 1.55 billion monthly active Facebook users and more people own a mobile phone than a toothbrush! Another interesting fact is that a total of 40% of the population have internet compared to only 1% in 1995!

How many likes do you have?
We are all slightly hung up about the number of likes our page has BUT actually more important is that your following are your fans or ideal customer, because they are the ones that will love you back. You want to engage with your following and for them to engage with you.  Quality is far better than quantity, which you can measure through your reach. A high number of likes does not necessarily equate to engagement or reach this is why I am still a huge advocate of organic growth.  
To develop your fan base follow my top four tips:


1.  Connect
After a networking event what do you do? You take the business card of someone you have met and you add them to your database, you might send them a quick email to say hello or follow up your conversation. Well take that a few steps further, find them on Facebook and like their page both from your personal and business page (business page likes don’t count and you want to show them that you care) and why not post a quick hello. They might return the favour!


2.  Engage
It really is quite easy to engage and doesn’t need to take up every moment of your working day. Set aside a few minutes to click on home and check out all those lovely pages you have liked (see above). Now you can like or comment on a post or even share it. When sharing to your business page do keep in mind what would be of interest to your fan base but otherwise have some fun. Join a conversation, get involved and be social!


3.  Share great content
Really important that when posting you share great content that will appeal to your fan base, providing them great posts for sharing, liking or even commenting on. Guess what when they share your post their fans, might just visit and like your page because you are sharing interesting and relevant content! This is really important and like all marketing content should never be underestimated. Variety is the spice of life – perhaps share something from your blog or website, articles written by others, take a photo of an interesting piece in a newspaper or magazine and post it with a comment. Ask a question, share an inspirational quote or tell your avid fans about a great event that they might be interested in. The key thing is to be consistent and offer variety to your followers.


4.  Understand why you are using it
It is really important to understand why you are using Facebook and what your objectives are. Once you are clear on this you can decide on how best to use it and with consistency will see results. Give this some thought and it will help you see Facebook as your friend and not the enemy.


So you see NOT so difficult or scary
The days and weeks I am most active on Facebook I see growth in the number of likes and increase in my reach; I have found my mark for how many times to post, when and most importantly what works but this has taken time, now this can be the crux of the matter. We are all time limited and social media does take time but being disciplined and having clear objectives will keep you focused.


The next big question
Is how many times to post, connect, engage and how do you prevent Facebook becoming a procrastination tool or timewaster. This is a topic in itself but set yourself clear targets, decide how many times to post, when (you can use insights to help you with this) and how much time you want to spend engaging. Then stick to it!!
Finally, I have just one word to share with you (and I have used it already) and that is CONSISTENCY.  Absolutely key to Facebook success!!


Also, don’t tell anyone but my top tips work across all social media platforms!!  Need help or got a question email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will respond to you personally, I might even post your question (and the answer of course) to Facebook.