Don’t do it, very simple!  I am writing this blog in response to recent feedback from a coach who confirmed that cold calling was the biggest fear of their clients!  If you have read my earlier blogs ‘Networking: making it work for you’ and ‘Collecting business cards & using them’ then I hope you will realise I am a firm believer of building relationships.  There is a role for cold calling, in a call centre, with 100’s of young people (possibly in Wales – yes I watched the The Call Centre, which I thought was brilliant by the way) who follow a script and hope to ring the bell of success (literally)!

Cold calling is a scatter gun approach and if you are happy with poor success rates and disappointment then please do carry on. OR, why not remember a few of my top tips for cultivating relationships that enable warm calls, a chance to say hello and promote a latest offer that you know would benefit the business you are calling!


  • Building and cultivating business relationships is essential to creating a strong network of potential clients and receiving referrals
  • Following up on actions as this proves your professionalism and builds trust
  • Keep in touch with your present and potential clients through regular mailers and communication, following a thought out plan!
  • Understand the needs of your potential client and anticipate their need
  • Be industry savvy and find solutions to your customer problems
  • Have a great elevator pitch for meeting potential clients that easily conveys what your business does (without boring them to death)
  • Share your knowledge, this can be scary and you may be fearful of this method of marketing but one I absolutely believe it and shows you know your stuff!
  • Remember no one likes a sales call so have a great reason to contact the person or business such as inviting them to a seminar, networking event or social, to recommend a book or new software package.  If you have a great offer that will solve a problem they might be experiencing do tell them about it but in a way that you are seeking their help and perhaps say ‘this might not be of interest to you but do you know anyone that this might help or who may wish to take advantage of’!
  • Visualise a successful call! 


To Recap

  1. Build and cultivate relationships
  2. Follow up on actions promised
  3. Keep in touch
  4. Understand the needs of your potential client
  5. Be industry savvy
  6. Have a great elevator pitch
  7. Have a reason to make contact
  8. Visualise a successful call
  9. SMILE!
  10. My Pet Hates:
  • Sales calls, from someone who doesn’t understand my business or needs
  • Second call 6-months later when it is obvious no notes were taken after the first call!
  • A sales call that starts without telling me who they are calling from .. instead I get ‘how are you today?’!!!!  This is more likely to be a call received on my home phone but helps us to understand how a person feels when a call is received!