January is the perfect time to review your business and plan for the year ahead.  So this week I grabbed a coffee and thought about all that I wanted to achieve in 2016 and what I needed to do!  It is easy to get distracted throughout the year, and this is the time to make sure I am on course, clear in my business direction and that all the tools I am using are working hard!

Here are my top seven tips to get your business off to a flying start in 2016


1. Review your business plan.  Are you going in the same or even right direction, what do you still need to achieve or what needs changing to move your business forward? Not got a plan then just follow my quick and dirty formula here.  I am of the opinion that a business plan doesn't need a start or finish date, it is a living breathing document that develops with your business. Not to be written and forgetten but a strategic plan that sets out what you want to achieve and how!


2. Check your website copy! Is it still relevant, current and doing all that you need it and want it to do?  I don’t have time I hear you cry, then pick the most important pages or review a page a fortnight.  It is really important that your website copy leaves visitors undersanding what you do and most importantly how you can help them.  January is the perfect time to show your website some love!


3. Get blogging!  I totally understand how you feel when faced with a blank piece of paper and just can't think of a topic to blog about - I have been there.  So start a blog ideas list and keeping adding to it.  Revisit old blogs, can they be updated or can you further add to the topic?  Think about your present or potential customer, what is keeping them up at night and blog to answer their problems. Not blogging yet, then why not take the plunge in 2016!


Review - Plan - Implement


4. Stop dabbling in social media! This is one of the greatest marketing tools at your finger tips and a great way to show yourself as an expert and connect with present and potential clients.  Consisteny is key to social media scucess, as is understanding why you are using it and what you want to acehive e.g. brand awareness, increase sales, etc. Book mark websites that write great content for sharing, follow and like others that inspire you and your customers would be interested in.  Plan your attack for the year!


5. How are your expenses looking? Review your suppliers and check those standing orders and direct debits. Are you getting the best deal, are your memberships still working for you e.g. directories, networking groups and if not cancel them. Where are you overspending, did you spend according to budget and where could savings be made?  Diary renewal dates, giving you time to research - nothing worse than simply renewing because you have run out of time to look at an alternative!


6. Set your budget for the year? Now my financial years stars 1 April but now is a good a time as any to look at the present years figures and set my budget for the new financial year. Understanding what your outgoings are will help you establish what your business needs to earn.  Also by looking at last years figures you will see what areas of your busines have worked well, perhaps where you need to focus your attention and can highlight problems areas to be addressed within the business.  Never underestimate the power or neglect your business figures!


7. What about you? I love my business which I work around my young children so often work evenings BUT this year I want to make sure I am working even smarter and being a little kinder to myself.  So I am going to set myself some boundaries to work within. (Don’t tell anyone but I had switched off for the night but the husband needed another 30-minutes to watch the end of a football match so I switched the Mac back on and wrote this blog).  Boundaries are really important, from letting your clients know you are avaialbe (or not) to setting aside time to switch off!!


So there you have it, my seven little steps to help make 2016 an amazing year.  Need help, get stuck or have a question then I would love to hear from you, why not drop me an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tweet me or say hello on Facebook!

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