Can we really achieve the perfect work life balance or are we looking at it all wrong?  I think I have found a solution that will give me the balance I am seeking at this time in my business, and perhaps that's the key?

I have just returned from a not so sunny week in Devon with the family and while I had access to my email I surprised myself by switching off to work!  Since starting LBB Business Solutions I have only ever taken long weekend breaks so perhaps a Monday to Friday gave me the chance to leave work behind.

While away I had anticipated using the time to think about my business direction but this didn’t happen and I am glad it didn’t!  Getting work life balance right, or achieving it, is very hard whether you have a family or not.

Just before leaving for Devon I read a great blog on work life balance.  I have searched my inbox but sadly I can’t find the original author as I would have liked to have given credit - but I was supposed to be packing up the car at the time so hopefully you will forgive me this faux pas! 

The writer was saying that we all struggle to find the perfect balance but what she has come to realise is that the balance isn’t achieved on a daily or even weekly basis!  It's about concentrating on a certain part of your life at one time, knowing that the focus will change.


stones stack

So it was okay for me to focus on my family, on having fun, walking in the rain, kicking sand and eating fish and chips because the balance was in the right place at that time. 

Although the school holidays have not quite come to an end, I am back at my desk focusing on my business.  There is no guilt associated to this, I love my business and the plans I have for it recognising that those plans may take a little longer but the steps forward will not cease!  Providing each area of my life gets the focus it needs, when needed and not at the detriment of the other areas of my life then I have found work life balance

Just like the author of the original article I now feel less hung up about creating the perfect balance and by doing so feel less stressed, less guilty and in this frame of mind balance is easier to achieve … well there’s a thing!

  1. Stop trying to achieve the perfect balance – it doesn’t exist

  2. Providing you are focusing on the right area at the right time, not at the detriment of the other areas of your life, all will be okay

  3. There is nothing wrong with changing your timelines … providing you keep moving forward to achieve your goals

  4. Life is too short for worrying so put it aside and enjoy the moment!

I do truly believe that time management … that is the management of you and not time which can’t physically be managed … is key to finding balance.  The ability to prioritise, work efficiently and effectively all play an important role as does knowing when to switch areas of focus!