Are you peddling and getting no where in your day to day business?  At the end of the day do you wonder where the hours have gone and stare at your 'to do' list that just got longer!  Are you working more hours than you should or want to work?  It's time to work smarter!

Imagine for one minute that you made time to: 

  1. watch a video - complete a tutorial or read a blog that gave YOU inspiration or helpful advice that could be implemented in YOUR business immediately;

  2. write an e-book - that provided YOU a valuable tool to build your list (database) and increase sales;

  3. focus on your business planning - resulting in clear vision and direction for the next six to twelve months;

  4. review your website copy - to ensure it uses key words for search engine optimisation and is sending the right message about YOUR business and the services that you offer;

  5. just be - now I am not a holistic practitioner but even I understand the importance of time for me, a coffee with friends, a break from the laptop … space to be just YOU!

Making time will have an impact on your never ending ‘to do’ list and will STOP it growing because you are going to MAKE time to take the action NEEDED!

Everyone has the same number of hours in a day!

It is how we use those hours that matter.  Making time, will make a difference to your business as it will result in action, tasks and jobs completed.  I guarantee that YOU will also reject jobs, because by giving thought to them you will establish if the action is right for your business, or NOT!

YOU will be back in the driving seat, in control and the actions that you MAKE time to achieve will have a positive impact.

Work smarter, not harder!

Use those hours wisely, effectively and get excited about your business again.

My top tips to working smarter:

1.    On a Sunday night schedule your tasks for the week and prioritise them – I mark those jobs I must do before anything else with a star

2.    File blogs, newsletters and articles and set aside time to read either daily or weekly whichever suits you best.  Or unsubscribe if they are doing nothing more than filling your inbox!

3.    Check your email inbox, from the oldest to the most recent at least once a day - I find right after lunch is a good time.  During this ‘email session’ action those that require a quick response, flag with deadlines those that need a little more time and delete the rubbish!  I find this helps to ensure I don’t miss anything important but also stops me needing to check my emails every two minutes.  I am still in and out of my emails throughout the day as an essential form of communication but spending dedicated time to deal with email stops me procrastinating in my inbox!

4.    Block work (okay I made that term up) a way of working I find really effective and is where you focus on an area of your business as opposed to a task.  For example, if I need to raise an invoice, I chase debtors, reconcile my bank accounts and pay the bills.  This will work for anything, if you are going to post to Facebook, spend a few minutes engaging, schedule posts for the coming week or create a new album for product images.  You get the idea, it helps to prevent you from jumping from one task to another and from one area of your business to another!

5.    Finally, at the end of the day review your tasks; reschedule if necessary, chunk down to manageable elements if required and cross off all that you have achieved!

Stay focused … do not get distracted and if you find yourself procrastinating or wandering off the task or job at hand take a break!

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PS By following the steps above you will also discover those tasks that are taking up too much of YOUR valuable time and could be outsourced and give me a call if you think LBB Business Solutions can help!