I was going to write a blog about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a term that is banded about but are we really sure what it's all about! Now since I am no expert I went to Blue Bee Solutions, the wonderful people who built my website and who you have probably heard me raving about on many occasion and here are their words of wisdom on the topic of SEO!


SEO, what's it all about?

Top Ten Tips for High Google Rankings
SEO is one of the most useful and valuable ways to drive traffic to your site, with high Google rankings often meaning high sales volumes. However, there is a lot of good and bad advice floating around so it can be hard to know when to start. Used properly, these ten tips should provide you with a solid improvement in your rankings and form a good starting point for a successful SEO plan.

1. Be Realistic
While it is often possible to improve Google rankings quite quickly, you can't shoot to the number one spot on competitive keywords overnight. Enjoy the improvements you can make in the short term, and be prepared to take longer to reach your goal in full.

2. Put Out Press Releases
Inbound links are vital if you want high Google rankings, but this kind of off-site SEO is much harder to control than SEO on the page. Give sites a reason to talk about you by having professional press releases sent out every time your business does something newsworthy.

3. Use Social Media
Updates to search engine algorithms have put more weight on links coming into your site from social media, and some experts predict that this will continue to increase. Use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to engage with your audience and encourage the sharing of content and links.

4. Meta Titles
Meta titles are often neglected. Don't use defaults like "home page," but instead make them relevant to target keywords. They don't deliver massive benefits, but they help and only take a few seconds to change.

5. Use Keywords Wisely
When choosing which keywords to target, make sure they are absolutely as relevant as possible. Also, consider competition as well as pure search volumes. It might be possible to get high Google rankings for a niche set of customers when you are being drowned in competition for larger groups.

6. Update Frequently
Search engines like sites that get updated regularly. Simply publishing or changing pages regularly will help you achieve high Google rankings. This is where blogs come in useful, as well as new products or promotion pages.

7. Think Like a Search Engine
When you have your site significantly redesigned, think like a search engine's crawler bot. You have a better chance of ranking well if more of your site gets crawled. In particular, make sure individual pages can load quickly.

8. Use Site Maps
Submitting site maps to search engines is another way to help them index your site thoroughly. Both Google and Yahoo allow this. Ideally, set up a schedule for regular submission to keep search engines up-to-date.

9. Anchor Text
It isn’t always possible to control off-site optimisation, but when possible make sure inbound links use relevant anchor text. Something containing your target keywords will do a lot more good for your rankings than a generic "click here."

10. Get Help
SEO is a specialist and somewhat technical subject. Don't be afraid to seek professional help. A good SEO professional will deliver a significant return on investment through high Google rankings that will boost your business.


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