I am presently in the process of writing 7-steps to social media savy … an e-book I am creating so social media never far from my mind (and will be available very soon)!  However, enough about me and my plans … I wanted to talk about Twitter.  A little like marmite you love it or it hate but please do not doubt is benefits to your business. 

Over Christmas and through participation in different Twitter hours I came across three business that I then went on and made purchases from .. oh yes and one present was for me!  Now admittedly these items are products and you may be thinking ‘but I offer a service’ .. I challenge you and say ‘ is a service not a product?’

To tweet or not to tweet?

Twitter .. what’s it all about?
An amazing tool for researching your potential client or competitor Twitter is a resource not to overlook.  Think of a potential client, find them on Twitter and start by seeing who they follow, this is great way to find out more about the client and you will be surprised what companies or people are interested in.  Are they following local companies only, is there a sports or other theme appearing?  Check out their lists and see what companies or people they are interested in.

What the tweet are they about?
I like to look back at past tweets as a means of understanding how I might engage and to help me establish an online relationship with them.  It is also excellent way of discovering their needs and how your business might be the answer!

The hashtag (#)
This s how we search within Twitter and another method of researching your target market, see what is ‘trending’ and finding opportunity where you might answer questions posed to prove yourself as the expert!  Basically, find out what everyone is talking about. 
Use a hashtag for your own company … TV shows do it all the time and a great way of finding out what is on everyone’s mind .. reality TV shows are great at this.  Next time you see a hashtag on your TV screen, pop it into the Twitter search bar and see what I mean.

Tweet, Tweet!

Get Twitter ‘Tastic' !
1. Be consistent – I know I say this all the time but if you are going to use Twitter you need to be consistent and remember you are competing against the world; how are you going to reach me if you only tweet once a day and I follow nearly 2000 accounts?
2. Keep it simple – you only have a 140-characters so a fantastic chance to practice succinct pitches!
3. Be engaging – just like regular networking you need to build a relationship so say hello, ask a question and respond to others.  Retweeting and favouriting is a great way to get started if you are not quite ready for replying to tweets.
4. Images are essential – I know I said this in my last blog but images are great, do get attention and are shared more than text only tweets .. it’s a fact!
5. Don’t tweet if you are having a bad day – seriously no one wants to hear you moaning, griping or running your competitors down, one you are not sending the right message about your business and two …. It’s just rude!
6. Theme your tweets – let’s face it the card companies have this wrapped up so jump on the bandwagon, spread the love at Valentines, crack an egg at Easter; use all that is available to you!
7. Link back to your website – a link back to your website or Facebook page is really important … because presumably you want people to visit, sign up to your newsletter, buy your products or do business with you!

Establish yourself as an influencer, a leader in your field the person that knows their stuff!  Connect with people that you might never have the chance to engage with!  I have chatted over twitter with Talk Sport Presenter and ex footballer Stan Collymore … my husband had a conversation with Georgie Bingham, ex panellist on A League of Their Own and Talk Sport Presenter, about shoes!  Two things to note here … one the house is big into sport and two my husband likes women’s shoes!  Now while business related a great example of how accessible Twitter makes us all!

Share great content, link back to your website, engage and be a leader not a follower!

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