Introducing my first guest blogger Annabel Sutton, Life Coach and author of 52 Ways to Transform Your Life (Weekly Wisdom for Busy People).  I am very fortunate to have known Annabel .. well almost 10-years and she is one of the key people who I thank for giving me the confidence to embark on my journey and the setting up of LBB Business Solutions.  Annabel is extremely well respected and I highly recommend that you download a copy of her book as it really is a great read!

 Just Get the Bucket Out!
Between saying and doing many a pair of shoes is worn out.
Italian Proverb
Over the years I've collected some fabulous examples of procrastination. My two favourites are: "I can't do that now — I've got to tidy the doll's house" and an eminent academic who chose to remove the accumulated grease from the back of her cooker with a teaspoon rather than sit down and write an article for an academic journal!

Procrastinators will find almost anything to do as a distraction from the job they really should be doing. The thing with procrastination is that it’s not that we’re actually putting off doing the task; rather, it’s an inability to get started that holds us back.

So if this sounds familiar, here’s a tip... Whatever you’re avoiding doing — be it writing a report, starting an essay, decluttering the garage, doing some filing or tackling your tax return — simply ask yourself: “If I was going to choose to do this task, what would be the VERY FIRST THING I’d need to do in order to get started?”

That one thing might be simply to look up a phone number; switch on the computer; get some empty boxes and take them into the garage or pick up the first piece of paper from the in tray. The thing is that once you’ve taken that first step you’re far more likely to keep going and finish the job.

I call this the Get the Bucket Out strategy after one of my wonderful clients (quoted with permission) who kept putting off cleaning her windows. As the weeks wore on her windows got filthier and filthier and her rooms darker and darker and more dreary. For her, the very first step was to ‘get the bucket out’.  And so that’s what she did and finally, after weeks of procrastinating, she got the job done and felt so much happier. 

It's easy to make light of procrastination but in actual fact it can be a really debilitating and destructive form of behaviour. Many opportunities can be missed because we've failed to act. Next time you find yourself putting something off, just figure out what the very first step would be and go and do it.  Once you're over that initial hurdle, you'll be well on your way to dealing with the task once and for all.

If anyone has any other tips for dealing with procrastination I'd love to hear them.

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