My website is my shop window and therefore it was really important that I invested in getting the right look!

Find a web company that you have a connection with!

What is absolutely clear to me is the importance of finding the right web company, the one that understands you and your business; the one you connect with.   I have been working with Blue Bee Solutions on my own site and without doubt they understood right from the beginning what I was looking for, which was helped by providing a clear brief but also examples of websites that I liked and disliked.

Web Designer Damian Kuczera at Blue Bee Solutions has been fantastic; he has listened, received emails late into the night of ideas and thoughts and been a constant throughout the process, always happy to hear my latest and sometimes crazy whims!


Be honest & true to yourself and your business!

The key in my view is always being honest and true to yourself, tell the web designer what you like and don’t like.  Keep returning to the site during its development and provide feedback as they are not mind readers and need your input to create the right look and finish! 

I can highly recommend Blue Bee Solutions!  They were extremely patient with me, changing photos, and then changing them back because I had decided I preferred the the original ones, but most importantly they got my business and the image that I wished to portray through my shop window. 

Do not sit back!

Of course now I must not make the fatal error of thinking my work is done.  I need to allocate and spend time on my website, changing my weekly quote so that returning visitors see that I care and that I am committed to my shop window.

Websites are amazing marketing tools but just like a flyer it will become dated and requires regular upkeep.  I want my website to be the one Blue Bee Solutions show their potential new clients as something they are proud of and can see that I am too.

Grow your business database & get to know your potential customer!

This of course leads me nicely back to an earlier blog that I wrote on Networking: making it work for you! and the importance of building successful business relationships.  This is essential in my business as I do not have a product as such to sell, I am selling me!   Therefore my networking and marketing strategy centres around getting to know people and them getting to know and trust me

What does your shop window say about you?  Are you hiding away or are you all that glitters?

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