No matter if you’re creeping gently out of your comfort zone or taking a giant leap into the unknown, it’s scary and can be painful. It may result in you bubbling with excitement and yet experiencing butterflies doing a merry dance in your tummy twenty-four hours a day.

See past the fear and take the leapEqually, it can take you to a whole different level of scariness that involves sweaty palms, wondering what the hell you’ve done and being totally gripped with fear.

The phrase ‘feel the fear and do it anyway ‘springs to mind. And by meeting the fear head on it will reduce and eventually disappear completely.

Do you remember the fear you felt on the first day of school, the first sleepover, first anything in life really?

It got easier didn't it, on the second day you knew where to go and what time break was. One night away from your parents suddenly felt like no drama at all. Fear was replaced by other emotions... excitement, joy, anticipation - so many to choose from.

In business, often what you fear is exactly what needs your attention, and everyone feels fear at some point and in some way. You are not alone BUT remember it gets easier.


Fear is real when it’s yours

Never give yourself a hard time for feeling fearful or tell yourself ‘I’m just being silly’. You’re not, it’s real to you in that moment. The key is to understand the difference between helpful fear that requires flight such as being chased by a herd of bulls across a field in the middle of nowhere.

Compared with the fear of trying something new, an irrational fear that is not based on fact. When your is mind whirring twenty to the dozen making up a hundred and one reasons you shouldn’t do something.

Move past the fear and do it anyway

"Easy for you to say Lindsey" you might be thinking, so here are three ways you can tackle that fear head-on.

1. Start. I know I say this all the time but starting is the first step to moving past the fear. It’s you putting your CEO pants on and saying ‘I can do this’.

2. Get help. Sometimes all you need is a little advice and support. Someone by your side for a little or an extended time. There is strength in asking for help, so do it.

3. Breathe. Stop for a few minutes, take a few deep breaths and remind yourself why you want or need to take the step.

It can be that simple and yet on occasion, it takes a little more to see past the fear that is holding you stuck. If you're struggling in the business and can’t see past a challenge please reach out and book a Business Freedom Coaching Call, it’s my gift to you. Where together we shall uncover the hidden challenges holding you back and most likely working too many hours.

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