Keep it simple is my mantra and something I’ve written about often. Yet time and time again I see clients who are struggling with what to give their attention to. Causing total paralysis and resulting in focus being given to anything and everything but the important.

I joke that my superpower is seeing what my clients cannot and at warp speed. Easily identifying where the struggle is and where the focus is needed. Able to pinpoint the activity that needs attention first and create plans that are absolutely ‘doable’.


Stop making it so damn hardBecause it’s easier to see the wood for the trees when it’s not your forest.

Equally because when you’re in it seeing the wider or bigger picture can be tough. From a distance, I can shine the light where before you may have only seen darkness, a tangled mess and a whole lot of work.

When unsure of the next steps it can feel like you’re pushing a double-decker bus up hill and not checked to see if the handbrake is off – making it even harder. Your head is spinning, nothing feels right and you are off-balance.

So how can you make it easier?


In many ways, it doesn’t even matter what action, step or activity you begin with. The momentum is created by simply starting. The more you worry the harder starting becomes. The more energy you give to trying to make a decision, the less you have to available for the task.

On occasion and when for whatever reason I’ve not spent enough time at the desk. I can be faced with a long ‘to-do’ list, which could make me feel tired just looking at it and running to Facebook for videos of the cat variety. Instead, I just start at the top and work my way down. The point is I start to create the momentum. Soon realising what needs doing first and enjoying more than enough energy for all that needs my concentration.


While starting is a great way to move forward when you’re stuck in the forest without a map and you’ve not a clue how to use a compass. The key to enjoying more than enough time is clarity on the end destination – yes, I’ve mentioned this before but it’s true.

Even better when you’ve clarity of the end goal or destination you begin enjoying clarity in all that you do. It starts coming in bucket loads, which is awesome because the pieces of the puzzle start falling into place without even trying.

If you’re struggling to see the wood for the trees in your business, unsure of the next step and not a clue where to start. Please book a Business Freedom Coaching Call and put my superpower to the test. You can access my diary here and it's my gift to you.