Everyone has wobbles and moments of doubt. Times when they feel overwhelmed and even scared. These can be the result of something not working out or not working out as you expected or hoped.

Leapfrog the bumps in the road with the easeLittle things such as a single unsubscribe from your newsletter. Noticing that your Facebook Page engagement is down or a day that doesn’t go to plan for what appears to be no reason at all (although most likely was).

Your flow and momentum in the business can be affected by life. A power cut, a sick child, the dog needing a trip to the vet. Little things that throw you off course, if you allow them.

Take my recent experience of changing mobile providers. ‘Port your number it will be easy’ they said, doesn’t every provider? Well, it wasn’t. I had to change SIM cards three times, which meant setting up my mobile three times and you know how frustrating that is.

Then finding myself logged out of apps I use daily ... grrr.

My husband, brother and VA (virtual assistant) couldn’t call me but there were ways around this. And my husband probably enjoyed the peace for the days that I was unable to call him!

Many calls to customer services were required, calls where I could have been irate, shouty even. But what was the point when it wouldn’t have changed the result. I would have simply got more frustrated AND the only person affected would have been ... yep you guessed it me.

Here are three things you can do when it’s not going to plan.

One: Don’t allow the frustration in

When stuff happens in or out of your business it’s easy to become frustrated. Be aware of these feelings which can lead to you scrolling aimlessly through your social media feeds watching silly videos or reading posts that are ‘sooo much better than yours’.

The more frustrated and annoyed you become .... the more frustrated and annoyed you will be. And suddenly you will be picking up pens that don’t work, the laptop will freeze in the middle of your work and you will stub your toe every other minute. Sound familiar?

Two: Learn to accept the situation for what it is

Sometimes there is nothing you can do about a situation except relax because the internet will come back on at some point. Instead of getting your knickers in a twist or sitting there pulling your hair out decide how you can use the time you’ve been gifted.

If in the business a programme hasn’t sold or you’ve not had a single bite of an offer you thought was awesome. See this an opportunity to learn from the experience. What could you do differently or what can you still do to change the result?

Three: Remind yourself of how damn awesome you are

I recommend my clients display testimonials that make them blush on the wall and in plain sight. A reminder that they are awesome at what they do. Another great tip is to simply stop and remember how far you’ve come already whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or been at it for years.

Every small step you take is one towards a big change or giant leap. It’s the small steps that matter and are often overlooked and easily forgotten. Learn the art of gratitude and make it a daily practice.

Choose a different way of acting or feeling.

You are in total control of how you feel and act, so choose differently and this is totally possible and easy when you’ve clarity on the end destination. Meaning that when bumps in the road appear they become learning experiences and opportunity for you and the business to grow.

If you're struggling to create the clarity for your business or need help in understanding how to leapfrog the bumps please book a Business Freedom Coaching call, my gift to you. You can access my diary and book here.