My recent blogs have focused on hearing, receiving and acting upon the guidance from within. No matter if you call it intuition, inner business mentor, higher self or see it as your connection to source energy. The more you practice the art of listening the more you’ll receive.

Clarity brings a driving force from withinAnd the juicier it will become. You'll start receiving ideas, inspiration and thoughts that are so super awesome and throw your arms in the air exciting.

Plus, receive boundless energy to implement and it will feel easier than slicing ice-cream with a hot knife.

You'll be moving the business forward with ease and having a whole lot of fun while doing it.

Because in the words of Esther Hicks, you will be ‘tuned in, tapped in and turned on’. And from this place anything is possible.

When you listen with a crystal-clear vision and by being ‘tuned in, tapped in and turned on’ to receive; the world really does become your big fat titillating oyster.

Suddenly you’ll believe that anything is possible, have total belief in all that you do and you will be stronger than your favourite superhero.

It’s not enough to say I want to be a millionaire or the most highly paid speaker.

Recently shared with me on Facebook was a video by Tom Bilyeu. He explains the need to dig deep and define the vision. It resonated because I talk clarity daily and agree with every word he shared. Watch it here.

No matter the size of your goal, you need clarity of what that looks and feels like.

Tom uses the example of ‘wanting to win a gold medal’, tough call if you’ve no idea which sport, whether Olympic or European Gold or at the Winter or Summer Olympics. Even deciding on a sport isn’t enough, take athletics and think of the number of different disciplines.

When I talk about clarity, it goes beyond that of the target, goal or vision and beyond that of the what. It’s how it will make you feel and the remarkable impact it will have on your life. It’s the why behind the goal.

Clarity brings a driving force from within that is stronger, faster and more powerful than anything you've experienced before. You experiencing more than enough time.

Time for developing and growing the business or for YOU.

You'll finally stop working evenings and weekends hunched over your laptop frustrated by lack of results. And start living life away from the desk.

You'll be leading your business to the success you desire and deserve. Designing success on your terms – something I’m really passionate about. Your business, your success and always on your terms.

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