Last week the blog focused on being aware of the guidance within. Allowing yourself to hear and receive that guidance. Yet if you do nothing with it ... what does this say about you? What message are you sending the universe?

Hear, receive and actWhen a thought or an idea keeps coming you have a responsibility to act upon it.

Why? Because it’s from the heart and when you take action from this place it can’t be wrong. It has come from within and therefore is exactly what you should do.

As mentioned last week when you're working from a place of ‘mental overload’ you can’t receive. You can't hear the guidance and therefore certainly can't take the action.

Meaning you're missing out on the 'jump up and down, more exciting than Christmas' ideas you will have so much fun executing.

It's why meditation is raved about by so many.

Creating time to connect with your inner guidance, higher self – call it what you like – is essential.

Because when action is from the heart it's exciting and I mean punch the air and dance like no one is watching exciting. It’s easy and fun. Meaning you will enjoy more than enough time to implement.

And the more you practise listening, receiving and acting the easier everything becomes. Because your business activity will be in alignment with you and your dreams. And from here it will become simpler and there will be no pushing ... only easy action.

I listened, heard and acted

I’ve been listening and kept hearing the same message ‘do a live event Lindsey’. It came daily until I picked up the phone and booked the hotel room. After which I was so super excited, I was beside myself. Check out the Facebook Live I did in the Make It Happen group and experience the excitement for yourself. (You do need to be a member but joining is easy.)

When you act from the heart, with intuition and knowing it’s right. Nothing is difficult. Clarity is yours and it keeps coming in the bucket load. Everything you turn your hand to is easy, the marketing, the copywriting, the organising. No matter the task, step or activity – all is easy.

This is how you create more than enough time.

The time that enables you to develop and grow your business. And When the bumps appear in the path (and they will) you will eat them for breakfast because you're on fire. You are focused and crystal clear on the end result.

While I’m new to meditation, only practising for the past twelve months. I am now enjoying the benefits. It has provided me with the space to gain the clarity I need and connect the elements of my business with the end in mind.

I want this for you.

You enjoying every moment in the business. So focused that time has now slowed. You leapfrogging the bumps in the road with room to spare and you having more fun than you ever thought possible.

If you’re ready to be in alignment book a Business Freedom Coaching Call, it’s my gift to you. And together we shall uncover the hidden challenges that are keeping you stuck and working too many hours. You can access my diary and book here.