If you’re not listening, you can’t be open to receive. Call it what you like, inner guidance, intuition, higher self or inner business mentor. She/he can’t be heard if the white noise is louder.

And the white noise is always louder

Receive the guidance from withinIt’s why I meditate daily (almost). It’s my way of creating the silence needed to receive the guidance that is within. Now if I’m sounding nuts, stay with me.

Have you ever had one of those days when your mind is full of activity and tasks – things you don’t want to forget?

You’re writing lists, misplacing the list, so writing another. Wasting time looking for the list and all the time panicking because time is ticking and the day is passing by quicker than a high-speed train.

You’ve often so much going on up there in that mind of yours, swirling around causing your stress levels to rise. That in and from this place, there’s no room for the solution to find its way to the surface, let alone be heard.

When you are mentally ‘overloaded’ you can’t see the wood for the trees. You can’t ‘work out’ what needs doing or find an easy way to complete a task.

You’re quite literally on high alert

Not focusing on what you’re doing for fear of forgetting something else. Or not getting right what you're doing because you’ve mentally moved onto the next task.

In this state, it’s not surprising that you’re procrastinating. Not getting anything done and certainly not giving your attention to the important.

The energy for pushing past and getting through is mentally and physically exhausting.

Quite your mind before the day begins

I’ve mentioned I meditate to quiet my mind and before starting my day in this way I was fidgeting like a small child being read War and Peace.

These few moments open up my mind to receive easy solutions and space for exciting projects to spring forth. It’s how I enable my higher self to guide me in all that I do and the decisions that I make. It stops my mind fidgeting, jumping from idea to task and results in me starting the day ahead in a calm state as opposed to on high alert.

In this way, I don’t overload my days, weeks or months. I move forward with ease and can enjoy the journey, being in every moment.

Although I admit on occasion, I do run faster than an Olympic 100m sprinter and skid to the school gate to arrive as my children come out. You’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve never actually forgotten them!

Set the intention for an amazing day by making this your last thought of the night. Create a morning routine that quiets your mind and become even more efficient and productive.

Do what needs doing and not everything. Choose to do what you enjoy. Experience the journey.

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